A build job processed by the Maven Invoker Plugin, generated in reportsDirectory.

<build-job project=.. name=.. description=.. result=.. time=.. type=.. ordinal=.. buildlog=.. >


Describes a build job processed by the Maven Invoker Plugin. A build job can consist of a pre-build hook script, one ore more invocations of Maven and a post-build hook script.

Attribute Type Description
project String The path to the project to build. This path is usually relative and can denote both a POM file or a project directory.
name String The name of this build job.
description String The description of this build job.
result String The result of this build job.
time float The number of seconds that this build job took to complete.

Default value: 0.0

type String The type of the build job.

Default value: normal

ordinal int BuildJobs will be sorted in the descending order of the ordinal. In other words, the BuildJobs with the highest numbers will be executed first

Default value: 0

buildlog String The build log filename
Element Type Description
failureMessage String Any failure message(s) in case this build job failed.