Doxia Markup Languages References

The following table gives an overview of the markup languages currently supported by Doxia:

  • if a Parser is available for a given format, it means that you can write your documentation in this language and Doxia can generate output from it,
  • if a Sink is available, it means you can generate output in this format.

The source directory is the directory under which Maven expects source documents in this format (e.g. src/site/apt/ for Apt), the file extension is the default file extension, and the parser id is gives the unique identifier that is used by plexus to lookup the corresponding component.

Format Short description Parser
Source Directory File Extension Doxia Module Parser Id
Apt Almost Plain Text Yes Yes apt apt doxia-module-apt apt
AsciiDoc Asciidoctor Converter Doxia Module Yes No asciidoc adoc, asciidoc asciidoctor-converter-doxia-module asciidoc
AsciiDoc Asciidoctor Parser Doxia Module Yes Yes asciidoc adoc, asciidoc asciidoctor-parser-doxia-module asciidoc
Confluence Confluence Enterprise Wiki Yes Yes* confluence confluence doxia-module-confluence confluence
Simplified DocBook Simplified DocBook XML Standard Yes Yes docbook xml doxia-module-docbook-simple docbook
FML FAQ Markup Language Yes No fml fml doxia-module-fml fml
Markdown** Markdown markup language Yes Yes**** markdown md, markdown*** doxia-module-markdown markdown
TWiki* TWiki Structured Wiki Yes Yes twiki twiki doxia-module-twiki twiki
Xdoc XML Documentation Format Yes Yes xdoc xml doxia-module-xdoc xdoc
XHTML Extensible Hypertext Markup Language Yes Yes xhtml xhtml doxia-module-xhtml xhtml

Note some modules are not included per default with the site plugin. Have a look at the available modules here:
If you need to add module for the maven site plugin simply add it as a dependency of the plugin


* Since Doxia 1.1

** Since Doxia 1.3

*** Since Doxia 1.7

**** Since Doxia 1.12.0

Doxia Page Output Format (deprecated)

The following table gives an overview of the output-only page-oriented deprecated (in Doxia 1.11) formats:

Format Short description Doxia Module
iText iText PDF Library doxia-module-itext
FO* XSL formatting objects (XSL-FO) doxia-module-fo
LaTeX LaTeX typesetting system doxia-module-latex
RTF Microsoft Rich Text Format doxia-module-rtf