JIRA Report

Type Key Summary Resolution By
Task DOXIASITETOOLS-295 Rename o.a.m.doxia.siterenderer.Renderer to o.a.m.doxia.siterenderer.SiteRenderer Fixed Michael Osipov
Task DOXIASITETOOLS-296 Rename o.a.m.doxia.siterenderer.RenderingContext to o.a.m.doxia.siterenderer.DocumentRenderingContext Fixed Michael Osipov
Task DOXIASITETOOLS-298 Rename doxia-decoration-model to doxia-site-model Fixed Michael Osipov
Bug DOXIASITETOOLS-299 Site descriptor interpolation does not properly escape reserved XML chars Fixed Michael Osipov
Improvement DOXIASITETOOLS-300 Don't populate Velocity context with XML entities Fixed Michael Osipov