JIRA Report

BugDOXIASITETOOLS-54site.xml should also have <title> attribute for all elements that have <alt> attributesFixedDennis Lundberg
BugDOXIASITETOOLS-59Using a relative path to an image in a <poweredBy><logo> generates a wrong "src" value for HTML <img> tagFixedLukas Theussl
ImprovementDOXIASITETOOLS-60Useless error message "error in opening zip file" in DefaultSiteRenderer.createContextForSkin()FixedLukas Theussl
ImprovementDOXIASITETOOLS-62improve breadcrumbs inheritance: if child defines an item already in parent, remove every breadcrumb item from parent after itFixedHerve Boutemy
ImprovementDOXIASITETOOLS-63Make publish date configurableFixedRobert Scholte
ImprovementDOXIASITETOOLS-64Change style for menuitems to recognize the ones with a long nameFixedRobert Scholte
BugDOXIASITETOOLS-65footer declared in the site.xml is not inherited in multi-module sitesFixedDennis Lundberg
ImprovementDOXIASITETOOLS-66Add Velocity Toolmanager supportFixedRobert Scholte
BugDOXIASITETOOLS-70Html title of generated pages does not include project nameFixedDennis Lundberg
New FeatureDOXIASITETOOLS-71Add the version of doxia-site-renderer that is used to the generated siteFixedDennis Lundberg
New FeatureDOXIASITETOOLS-72Allow declaring Google AdSense in site.xmlFixedDennis Lundberg
TaskDOXIASITETOOLS-73Update to Doxia base 1.3FixedDennis Lundberg