NDC Member List

This is the complete list of members for NDC, including all inherited members.

clear()NDC [static]
cloneStack()NDC [static]
DiagnosticContext typedefNDC
empty()NDC [static]
get(LogString &dest)NDC [static]
getDepth()NDC [static]
inherit(Stack *stack)NDC [static]
NDC(const std::string &message)NDC
NDC(const std::wstring &message)NDC
NDC(const std::basic_string< UniChar > &message)NDC
NDC(const CFStringRef &message)NDC
peek()NDC [static]
peek(std::string &buf)NDC [static]
peek(std::wstring &dst)NDC [static]
peek(std::basic_string< UniChar > &dst)NDC [static]
peek(CFStringRef &dst)NDC [static]
pop()NDC [static]
pop(std::string &buf)NDC [static]
pop(std::wstring &dst)NDC [static]
pop(std::basic_string< UniChar > &dst)NDC [static]
pop(CFStringRef &dst)NDC [static]
push(const std::string &message)NDC [static]
push(const std::wstring &message)NDC [static]
push(const std::basic_string< UniChar > &message)NDC [static]
push(const CFStringRef &message)NDC [static]
pushLS(const LogString &message)NDC [static]
remove()NDC [static]
Stack typedefNDC