How To Contribute

We are always very happy to have contributions, whether for trivial cleanups or big new features.

If you don't know Java or Scala you can still contribute to the project. An important area is the clients. We want to have high quality, well documented clients for each programming language. These, as well as the surrounding ecosystem of integration tools that people use with Kafka, are critical aspects of the project.

Nor is code the only way to contribute to the project. We strongly value documentation and gladly accept improvements to the documentation.

Contributing A Code Change

To submit a change for inclusion, please do the following:

Contributing A Change To The Website

To submit a change for inclusion please do the following:

Finding A Project To Work On

The easiest way to get started working with the code base is to pick up a really easy JIRA and work on that. This will help you get familiar with the code base, build system, review process, etc. We flag these kind of starter bugs here.

Please contact us to be added the contributor list. After that you can assign yourself to the JIRA ticket you have started working on so others will notice.

Once you have gotten through the basic process of checking in code, you may want to move on to a more substantial project. We try to curate this kind of project as well, and you can find these here.

Becoming a Committer

We are always interested in adding new contributors. What we look for a series of contributions, good taste, and an ongoing interest in the project. If you are interested in becoming a committer, let one of the existing committers know and they can help guide you through the process.