Interface OsgiConfigurationValidator

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      • validateConfig

        @Nullable Collection<ValidationMessage> validateConfig​(@NotNull
                                                               @NotNull Map<String,​Object> config,
                                                               @NotNull String pid,
                                                               @Nullable String subname,
                                                               @NotNull String nodePath)
        Called for each serialized OSGi configuration found in the content package.
        config - the deserialized configuration properties as defined in OSGi Config Admin Service Specification, $104.4.3 (but as Map instead of as Dictionary)
        pid - either the PID or the factory PID of the configuration properties
        subname - either null (for regular PID) or the alias (for factory PID configurations)
        nodePath - the repository path of the node which contains the given OSGi configuration
        validation messages or null