Class JcrArchive

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Closeable, AutoCloseable, Archive

    public class JcrArchive
    extends Object
    Implements an archive that is based on nt:file/nt:folder nodes in a JCR repository.
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        protected static final boolean SHOULD_CREATE_STACK_TRACE
        Determines whether stack traces should be created for each register call of CloseWatcher. This is false by default. Enable via system or OSGi framework property vault.enableStackTraces.
    • Constructor Detail

      • JcrArchive

        public JcrArchive​(@NotNull
                          @NotNull Node archiveRoot,
                          @NotNull String rootPath)
        Creates a new JCR archive rooted at the given node.
        archiveRoot - root node for this archive
        rootPath - root path
    • Method Detail

      • open

        public void open​(boolean strict)
                  throws IOException
        Opens the archive.
        strict - if true open will fail if there was an internal error while parsing meta data.
        IOException - if an error occurs
      • close

        public void close()
        Closes the archive. Only necessary to call if the archive has been opened.
      • getJcrRoot

        public Archive.Entry getJcrRoot()
        Returns the entry that specifies the "jcr_root". if no such entry exists, null is returned. Requires a previous call to
        Specified by:
        getJcrRoot in interface Archive
        the jcr_root entry or null
      • getMetaInf

        public MetaInf getMetaInf()
        Returns the meta inf. If the archive provides no specific meta data, a default, empty meta inf is returned. Requires a previous call to
        the meta inf.
      • getSubArchive

        public Archive getSubArchive​(String rootPath,
                                     boolean asJcrRoot)
                              throws IOException
        Description copied from interface: Archive
        Returns a sub archive that is rooted at the given path. Note that sub archives currently can't have their own meta inf and are closed automatically if their container archive is closed. Requires a previous call to
        Specified by:
        getSubArchive in interface Archive
        rootPath - root path
        asJcrRoot - if true the given root is the jcr_root
        the archive or null if entry specified by root does not exist.
        IOException - if an error occurs