Class BaseFilter

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Dumpable, Filter, ItemFilter

    public class BaseFilter
    extends Object
    implements ItemFilter
    Implements an item filter that matches if a node only has the primary properties: jcr:primaryType, jcr:mixinTypes, jcr:uuid, jcr:created and jcr:createdBy
    • Constructor Detail

      • BaseFilter

        public BaseFilter()
    • Method Detail

      • matches

        public boolean matches​(Item item,
                               int depth)
                        throws RepositoryException
        Checks if the given item matches this filters criteria. The given depth is relative to some invoker related depth and may not reflect the hierarchical depth of the item in the repository. It up to the implementation how to deal with this value.
        Specified by:
        matches in interface ItemFilter
        item - the item to check
        depth - a relative depth.
        true if this filter matches the criteria; false otherwise.
        RepositoryException - if an error occurs.
      • dump

        public void dump​(DumpContext ctx,
                         boolean isLast)
        Dumps some human readable information using the given context.
        Specified by:
        dump in interface Dumpable
        ctx - the dump context
        isLast - specifies if this is the last element to dump on this level