Apache Jackrabbit : Board Report September 2018

Report from the Apache Jackrabbit committee [Michael Dürig] (Submitted Sept. 12th 2018)

## Description: 
 The Apache Jackrabbit™ content repository is a fully conforming
 implementation of the Content Repository for Java™ Technology API
 (JCR, specified in JSR 170 and 283). The Jackrabbit content 
 repository is stable, largely feature complete and actively being
 Jackrabbit Oak is an effort to implement a scalable and performant 
 hierarchical content repository as a modern successor to the Apache
 Jackrabbit content repository. It is targeted for use as the 
 foundation of modern world-class web sites and other demanding  
 content applications. In contrast to its predecessor, Oak does not 
 implement all optional features from the JSR specifications and it 
 is not a reference implementation. 
## Issues: 
 There are no issues requiring board attention at this time   
## Activity: 
 Apache Jackrabbit Oak receives most attention nowadays. All 
 maintenance branches and the unstable development branch are 
 continuously seeing moderate to high activity.

 Apache Jackrabbit itself is mostly in maintenance mode with most of 
 the work going into bug fixing and tooling. New features are mainly
 driven by dependencies from Oak. 

 The direct binary access feature finally landed in trunk this quarter.
 This is a major new feature that required effort and coordination from 
 many different domain experts in our comitter base. 

 There is an ongoing effort to understand and be prepared for the impact 
 of the changes in the release model of Java. This includes evaluating 
 whether we can support newer Java versions on some of our branches. 

 We expect to further improve modularisation of our code base to 
 enable independent releases for non core moduls. Discussions and 
 prototyping is expected to happen in the next couple of months.
## Health report: 
 The project is healthy with a continuous stream of traffic on all 
 mailing lists reflecting the activity of the respective component. 
 There is a wide range of topics being discussed on the various Jira 
## PMC changes: 
 - Currently 51 PMC members. 
 - Last PMC addition was Matt Ryan on Mon Sep 10 2018
## Committer base changes: 
 - Currently 51 committers. 
 - Matt Ryan was added as a committer on Sun Sep 09 2018 
## Releases: 
 - jackrabbit-2.14.6 was released on Sun Sep 02 2018 
 - jackrabbit-2.16.2 was released on Tue Jun 12 2018 
 - jackrabbit-2.16.3 was released on Tue Jul 31 2018 
 - jackrabbit-2.17.4 was released on Tue Jul 10 2018 
 - jackrabbit-2.17.5 was released on Wed Jul 25 2018 
 - jackrabbit-2.8.8 was released on Tue Jul 03 2018 
 - jackrabbit-2.8.9 was released on Mon Jul 16 2018 
 - vault-3.2 was released on Thu Aug 09 2018 
 - vault-package-maven-plugin-1.0.3 was released on Fri Aug 31 2018 
 - oak-1.4.22 was released on Mon Jun 25 2018 
 - oak-1.6.13 was released on Wed Jul 25 2018 
 - oak-1.8.5 was released on Tue Jul 03 2018 
 - oak-1.8.6 was released on Tue Jul 31 2018 
 - oak-1.8.7 was released on Tue Aug 28 2018 
 - oak-1.9.5 was released on Tue Jul 03 2018 
 - oak-1.9.6 was released on Wed Jul 18 2018 
 - oak-1.9.7 was released on Tue Aug 14 2018 
 - oak-1.9.8 was released on Tue Aug 28 2018 
## JIRA activity: 
 - 281 JIRA tickets created in the last 3 months 
 - 263 JIRA tickets closed/resolved in the last 3 months