Apache Jackrabbit : Board Report September 2012

[REPORT] Apache Jackrabbit (submitted September 10th 2012)

The Apache Jackrabbit™ content repository is a fully conforming
implementation of the Content Repository for Java™ Technology API
(JCR, specified in JSR 170 and 283).

The Apache Jackrabbit project is in good shape. We have no board-level
issues at this time.

o Releases

  We made the following unstable 2.5.x releases from Jackrabbit trunk:

  * Apache Jackrabbit 2.5.1 on August 6th
  The following patch releases were made from earlier maintenance 

  * Apache Jackrabbit 2.4.3 on September 3rd
  This quarter also saw the first releases of the OCM code base in a 

  * Apache Jackrabbit OCM 2.0 on July 10th

  Finally we made two releases from the Jackrabbit Oak sub project:
  * Apache Jackrabbit Oak 0.4 on August 13th
  * Apache Jackrabbit Oak 0.3 on July 5th
o Community / Development

  * Randall Hauch joined the Jackrabbit team as committer and PMC member.

  * Work on Jackrabbit Oak is still going strong: there where again two 
  Hackathons in the last quarter during which great progress was made and
  which lead to the release of Oak 0.3. and 0.4. Another Hackathon will 
  take place in September co-located with the .adaptTo(Berlin) 2012 
  conference (http://adaptto.mixxt.de/networks/events/show_event.65841). 
  Being part of .adaptTo() allows us to further broaden the community and 
  spark more interest in Apache Jackrabbit Oak.

  * Jukka Zitting and Michael Dürig submitted a talk about Oak for 
  .adaptTo(Berlin) 2012 (http://adaptto.mixxt.de/).

  * Jukka Zitting and Michael Dürig submitted a talk about Oak for ApacheCon
  Europe 2012.
o Infrastructure

  We are still in progress of migrating from Confluence to the new CMS.