JIRA Report

FELIX-4005Maven Bundle Plugin fails with ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException, "Invalid Class File" errors with Java 8 featuresClosedFixed 
FELIX-3347Upper-case environment variables end up in final manifestClosedFixedStuart McCulloch
FELIX-2765bundle plugin throw IllegalArgumentException while do the installClosedFixed 
FELIX-661maven bundle plugin does not close the accessed fie /jar streamsClosedFixedStuart McCulloch
FELIX-4067Old BND used causes problems during annotations processingClosedFixed 
FELIX-3585Dependencies with classes or resources in the default package cannot be embeddedClosedFixed 
FELIX-2934Bundle-ClassPath contains "." despite using _wab instructionClosedFixedStuart McCulloch
FELIX-4539Update to Bndlib 2.3.0ResolvedFixedStuart McCulloch
FELIX-4518Provide a way to disable some pluginsResolvedFixedGuillaume Nodet
FELIX-4517Generate generic capabilities and requirements for services from blueprint and scr descriptorsResolvedFixedGuillaume Nodet
FELIX-4512Add a new Mojo to invoke the BND Baseline toolClosedFixedCarsten Ziegeler
FELIX-4017@ProviderType does not work (bnd "provide:=true" annotation?)ClosedFixed 
FELIX-3973Exclusion from {local-packages} doesn't work anymoreClosedFixed 
FELIX-3638Missing package import for annotation default valueClosedFixed 
FELIX-3630Packages exported by bundle are (re)-imported with incorrect versionClosedFixed 
FELIX-3602The bundle plugin should generate the blueprint header with the file locationsClosedFixedGuillaume Nodet
FELIX-3601Incorrect namespace in component XML for DS AnnotationsClosedFixed 
FELIX-3497Wrong artifact type attached as a secondary artifact when project packaging is set to "pom"ClosedFixed 
FELIX-3462Nicer Manifest formattingResolvedFixedGuillaume Nodet
FELIX-3407Imports are missed for genericsClosedFixed 
FELIX-3352Maven Bundle Plugin ignores resource properties configured inside <filters> sectionClosedFixed 
FELIX-3349wrong bundle manifest contents in some casesClosedFixed 
FELIX-3310[patch] maven-bundle-plugin build fails with maven3 (manageArtifactSystemPath is missing)ClosedFixedStuart McCulloch
FELIX-3293Exception while creating empty fragment bundles with version 2.3.6ClosedFixed 
FELIX-3254manifest goal generates wrong Export-Package when Embed-DependencyClosedFixedStuart McCulloch
FELIX-3222[PATCH] build fails with "unreported exception"ClosedFixedStuart McCulloch
FELIX-3210Maven bundle plugin remote-clean goal without user confirmationClosedFixedStuart McCulloch
FELIX-3209Make sure the properties passed to BND only include string valuesClosedFixedStuart McCulloch
FELIX-3208Provide default value for sourcepath when using BND -sources=trueClosedFixedStuart McCulloch
FELIX-3206Restore the BND analyzer approach which creates a MANIFEST.MF based on the contents of the jarClosedFixedStuart McCulloch
FELIX-3188[PATCH] exception org.apache.maven.project.artifact.InvalidDependencyVersionException has already been caughtClosedFixedStuart McCulloch
FELIX-3185Negative Embed-Dependency clauses aren't handled correctlyClosedFixedStuart McCulloch
FELIX-3165Add an option to the manifest goal that will copy any BND generated resources to the target folderClosedFixedStuart McCulloch
FELIX-3092Support relative paths in "urlTemplate" parameter of "bundle:index" goal in maven bundle pluginClosedFixedStuart McCulloch
FELIX-3061improvements to Embed-Dependency logic to allow better m2e integrationClosedFixedStuart McCulloch
FELIX-3058maven-bundle-plugin 2.3.5 incompatible with maven-source-plugin (regression)ClosedFixedStuart McCulloch
FELIX-3037Plugin does not work with Java 5ClosedFixedStuart McCulloch
FELIX-3031maven3 deployment fails where maven2 worksClosedFixedStuart McCulloch
FELIX-3011Add a new goal to save the bnd instructions that would be passed onto bnd, to allow people to use other toolchains such as bndtoolsClosedFixedStuart McCulloch
FELIX-2884The multiplicity isn't taken into account by the maven bundle plugin and bundlerepository when generating the repository xmlClosedFixedGuillaume Nodet
FELIX-2872Provide a way to have an easier to read manifestClosedFixedStuart McCulloch
FELIX-2820Provide a default value when using <_wab/>ClosedFixedStuart McCulloch
FELIX-2819packageinfo files in src/main/java are ignoredClosedFixedStuart McCulloch
FELIX-2812The <Embed-Dependency> filter can fail if your matching against multiple "*" artifact ids.ClosedFixedHiram Chirino
FELIX-2811If <Private-Package>!*</Private-Package> is defined the all packages should be exported by {local-packages}ClosedFixedHiram Chirino
FELIX-2808maven-bundle-plugin should scan for local packages by looking for *.class files instead of *.java so that all the JVM languages can be supported.ClosedFixedHiram Chirino
FELIX-2701Add a {local-packages} macro for automatically expanding local packages in the <Export-Package> instructionClosedFixedGuillaume Nodet
FELIX-2692Support maven type 'wab' for web bundlesClosedFixedStuart McCulloch
FELIX-2449Resource filtering does not use Maven properties specified on the mvn command line via -D command line switchesClosedFixedStuart McCulloch
FELIX-2435<supportedProjectType> on a WAR file will switch the project to generate jar artifactsClosedFixedStuart McCulloch
FELIX-2427maven site crashesClosedFixedStuart McCulloch
FELIX-2346mvn bundle:clean removes all, even the existing resourcesClosedFixedStuart McCulloch
FELIX-2215Refactor bundlerepository and maven bundle plugin obr data modelClosedFixedGuillaume Nodet
FELIX-2210Bogus import entriesClosedFixedStuart McCulloch
FELIX-2194The manifest and bundle goals seem to generate different manifest informationsClosedFixedStuart McCulloch
FELIX-2176Upgrade maven-bundle-plugin to up to date bndClosedFixedRichard S. Hall
FELIX-2175Improve the Blueprint component to parse / introspect blueprint configuration files and generate OBR service requirements / capabilities accordinglyClosedFixedGuillaume Nodet
FELIX-2173Fix inconsistent maven->osgi version conversion between maven-bundle-plugin and DefaultMaven2OsgiConverterClosedFixedGuillaume Nodet
FELIX-2155The maven bundle plugin generates wrong capabilities for packages with directivesClosedFixedGuillaume Nodet
FELIX-2112Carriage returns are removed from instructions, but the lines should be trimmed alltogetherClosedFixedGuillaume Nodet
FELIX-2048Service-Component property doesn't allow to use wildcards for filenamesClosedFixedStuart McCulloch
FELIX-1951The SchemaObr.xsd in bundleplugin is incompleteClosedFixedGuillaume Nodet
FELIX-1936Create Output Directory for Resource-Only WARsClosedFixedStuart McCulloch
FELIX-1820Fragment-Host version not convertedClosedFixedStuart McCulloch
FELIX-1734The _donotcopy is ignoredClosedFixedStuart McCulloch
FELIX-1634Maven Bundle Plugin disables transitive dependenciesClosedFixedStuart McCulloch
FELIX-1571Bundle-ClassPath without "." while using maven-bundle-plugin in a war project confuses the pluginClosedFixedStuart McCulloch
FELIX-1568Goal to transform a maven version into an OSGi versionClosedFixedGuillaume Nodet
FELIX-1552Add support for blueprint and spring-dm declarations to import the discovered packagesClosedFixedGuillaume Nodet
FELIX-1539generated-classes not included in bundleClosedFixedStuart McCulloch
FELIX-1501Using a macro in Bundle-Version with the manifest goal causes garbage in the Export-Package and Private-Package headers.ClosedFixedStuart McCulloch
FELIX-1461Corrupted repository.xml when maven is run in parallelClosedFixedStuart McCulloch
FELIX-1439maven-bundle-plugin resource filtering does not substitute project.organization.*ClosedFixedStuart McCulloch
FELIX-1262[regression] shared archive resources cannot be foundClosedFixedStuart McCulloch
FELIX-1148NPE during bundleall goalClosedFixedStuart McCulloch
FELIX-1054The deploy and deploy-file plugin should write the computed bundle uriClosedFixedClement Escoffier
FELIX-1039Inconsistency packaging vs. typeClosedFixedStuart McCulloch
FELIX-1023Category Information not exported to obr fileClosedFixedStuart McCulloch
FELIX-1021Classifier always used even if not explicitly set in the configurationClosedFixedStuart McCulloch
FELIX-1017Generic types ignored when generating MANIFEST.MFClosedFixedStuart McCulloch
FELIX-954Import-Package should include packages from optional Maven dependencies with resolution=optionalClosedFixed 
FELIX-941Support singleton & fragment-attachment directive generationClosedFixedStuart McCulloch
FELIX-907Regression in latest BND code: negated exports are applied to private packagesClosedFixedPeter Kriens
FELIX-899Version attribute missing from Import-Package on provided dependenciesClosedFixedStuart McCulloch
FELIX-843Regression: BND 0.0.295 does not augment Ignore-Package with excluded import packagesClosedFixedPeter Kriens
FELIX-831bndlib unnecessary modifies valid OSGi Bundle-Version numbers (update to bndlib 0.0.293)ClosedFixedStuart McCulloch
FELIX-806changing the internal configuration of the archive plugin doesn't seem to be possibleClosedFixedStuart McCulloch
FELIX-782Manifest goal ignores version attribute specified in _exportcontentsClosedFixedStuart McCulloch
FELIX-759Version range in import declaration creates a filter using invalid operators (<,>)ClosedFixedStuart McCulloch
FELIX-699manifest goal does not interprete _include instruction correctlyClosedFixedStuart McCulloch
FELIX-677Parser throws error when DynamicImport-Package contains attributesClosedFixedStuart McCulloch
FELIX-660"Class in different directory than declared" error when bundle classes in a directory other than bundle rootClosedFixedPeter Kriens
FELIX-636Bundle-SymbolicName is generated incorrectlyClosedFixedStuart McCulloch
FELIX-620manifest goal of maven-bundle-plugin ignores _include instructionClosedFixedStuart McCulloch
FELIX-580Allows maven-bunde-plugin to generate a repository file outide a maven repository with absolute urlClosedFixedStuart McCulloch