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Install Apache Eagle

Install Apache Eagle (called Eagle in the following) to Sandbox


To insall eagle on a sandbox you need to have orcale virtual box and HDP sandbox image.

  1. Oracle VirtualBox.
  2. Hortonworks Sandbox v 2.2.4 or later.

Register HDP sandbox

  1. Register Hortonworks sandbox.
  2. Enable Ambari. Click on Enable Button.
  3. Login as admin/admin.

Install Eagle

  • Step 1: Clone stable version from eagle github
      Build project mvn clean install -DskipTests=true
  • Step 2: Download eagle-bin-0.1.0.tar.gz package from successful build into your HDP sandbox.

    • Option 1: scp -P 2222 eagle/eagle-assembly/target/eagle-0.1.0-bin.tar.gz root@

    • Option 2: Create shared directory between host and Sandbox, and restart Sandbox. Then you can find the shared directory under /media in Sandbox.

  • Step 3: Extract eagle tarball package

    $ cd /usr/hdp/current
    $ tar -zxvf eagle-0.1.0-bin.tar.gz
    $ mv eagle-0.1.0 eagle
  • Step 4: Add root as a HBase1 superuser via Ambari (Optional, a user can operate HBase by sudo su hbase, as an alternative).

  • Step 5: Install Eagle Ambari2 service

    /usr/hdp/current/eagle/bin/ install.

  • Step 6: Restart Ambari click on disable and enable Ambari back.

  • Step 7: Start HBase & Storm3 & Kafka4 From Ambari UI, restart any suggested components(“Restart button on top”) & Start Storm (Start “Nimbus” ,”Supervisor” & “Storm UI Server”), Kafka (Start “Kafka Broker”) , HBase (Start “RegionServer” and “ HBase Master”)

    Restart Services

  • Step 8: Add Eagle Service To Ambari. (Click For Video)

    • Click on “Add Service” under Actions button on Ambari Main page


    • Select “Eagle” in list of services and proceed to install all eagle services. EagleServiceSuccess

      Eagle Services

  • Step 9: Add Policies and meta data required by running below script.

    $ /usr/hdp/current/eagle/examples/ 
    $ /usr/hdp/current/eagle/examples/


  1. All mentions of “hbase” on this page represent Apache HBase. 

  2. All mentions of “ambari” on this page represent Apache Ambari. 

  3. All mentions of “storm” on this page represent Apache Storm. 

  4. All mentions of “kafka” on this page represent Apache Kafka. 

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