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Deploy Apache Eagle in the Production

This page outlines the steps for deploying Apache Eagle (called Eagle in the following) in the production environment.

Here’s the main content of this page:

  • Setup Cluster Environment
  • Start Eagle Service
    • Edit Configure files
    • Install metadata
  • Rock with monitoring apps
  • Stop Eagle Services

Setup Cluster Environment

Eagle requires a setup cluster environment to run monitoring applications. For more details, please check Environment

Start Eagle Service

  • Step 1: Edit environment related configurations:

    • Edit bin/

        # TODO: make sure java version is 1.7.x
        export JAVA_HOME=
        # TODO: Apache Storm nimbus host. Default is localhost
        export EAGLE_NIMBUS_HOST=localhost
        # TODO: EAGLE_SERVICE_HOST, default is `hostname -f`
        export EAGLE_SERVICE_HOST=localhost
    • Edit conf/eagle-service.conf to configure the database to use (for example: HBase1)

        # TODO: hbase.zookeeper.quorum in the format host1,host2,host3,...
        # default is "localhost"
        # TODO:
        # default is 2181
        # TODO: hbase configuration: zookeeper.znode.parent
        # default is "/hbase"
  • Step 2: Install metadata for policies

      $ cd <eagle-home>
      # start Eagle web service
      $ bin/ start
      # import metadata after Eagle service is successfully started
      $ bin/

You have now successfully installed Eagle and setup a monitoring site. Next you can

Rock with Applications

Currently Eagle provides several analytics solutions for identifying security on a Hadoop2 cluster. For example:

Stop Services

  • Stop eagle service

    $ bin/ stop


  1. All mentions of “hbase” on this page represent Apache HBase. 

  2. All mentions of “hadoop” on this page represent Apache Hadoop. 

  3. Apache Hive. 

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