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Get Started with Docker

Another way to get started with Apache Eagle (called Eagle in the following) is to run with docker by one of following options:

  • Option-I: download eagle docker image and start with it.

    • Pull latest eagle docker image from docker hub directly:

      docker pull apacheeagle/sandbox
    • Then run eagle docker image:

      docker run -p 9099:9099 -p 8080:8080 -p 8744:8744 -p 2181:2181 -p 2888:2888 \
        -p 6667:6667 -p 60020:60020 -p 60030:60030 -p 60010:60010 -d --dns \
        --entrypoint /usr/local/serf/bin/ -e KEYCHAIN= \
        --env --name sandbox \
        -h --privileged=true \
        apacheeagle/sandbox:latest --tag ambari-server=true
      docker run -it --rm -e EXPECTED_HOST_COUNT=1 -e BLUEPRINT=hdp-singlenode-eagle \
        --link sandbox:ambariserver --entrypoint /bin/sh apacheeagle/sandbox:latest \
        -c /tmp/
  • Option-II: Build eagle docker image from source code with eagle-docker tool.

    • Get latest source code of eagle.

      git clone
    • Then run eagle docker command.

      cd eagle && ./eagle-docker boot
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