Apache Bloodhound (incubating)

Apache Bloodhound is a tool created for issue tracking and managing of software projects.

Multiple Projects

Bloodhound will manage anything from your one pet project to dozens of commercial or open source projects, and scale seamlessly in-between. The built-in Wiki allows you to create proposals and store other information.

Easy to install

An easy installation process for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Everything you need to run Bloodhound with your favourite web server and database will be provided.

User-friendly design

A consistent experience throughout. It will be obvious even to beginners how to carry out common tasks. A dashboard will provide an overview of work assigned to you, or watched by you.

All of Trac's power

Apache Bloodhound is being built on the shoulders of the ‚ÄčTrac project, a giant in the field of project management and bug tracking. Features such Wiki and a source code browser are deeply integrated.