Understanding Network Proxy Configuration of Apache Archiva

Archiva uses the terminology "proxy" for two different concepts:

  • The remote repository proxying cache, as configured through proxy connectors between repositories
  • Network proxies, which are traditional protocol based proxies (primarily for HTTP access to remote repositories over a firewall)

Network proxies are configured using standard HTTP proxy settings as provided by your network administrator.

Once configured, the network proxy can be attached to operations that access remote resources. At present, this is configured on the remote repository proxy connectors that need to access the remote repository over the HTTP protocol.

Network Proxy Settings and the JVM

As Archiva still targets Java 5 and uses the built-in networking libraries, it must configure these settings using system properties. This can be problematic in two scenarios:

  • if you use multiple different network proxies on different proxy connectors, they may clash
  • if you deploy other applications into the same container as Archiva, they will likely pick up the settings

Please refer to MRM-1248 for workarounds and to track the issue.