Audit Logs

Archiva's logs directory contains an audit log file named archiva-audit.log, which tracks events that occur in the server.

A typical record looks like this:

2008-11-20 14:52:38 releases guest "org/mortbay/jetty/jetty/6.1.12/jetty-6.1.12-sources.jar" "Created File (proxied)"

The space delimited records are:

  • date and time (server local time)
  • repository affected
  • user that enacted the change (or guest if none)
  • IP address of the user
  • the path of the artifact within the repository
  • the event that occured

Currently, the following events are logged:

  • creation of a directory
  • creation of a file
  • removal of a directory
  • removal of a file
  • modification of a directory
  • move/rename of a file
  • copy of a file
  • move/rename of a directory
  • copy of a directory
  • uploaded file via the web interface