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External Tools and Tasks

External Tools and Tasks

This page lists external resources for Apache Ant: Tasks, Compiler Implementations, IDE integration tools, Source Control Systems, Loggers, you name it. If you've written something that should be included, please post all relevant information to one of the mailing lists. For details, see the FAQ.

Nothing listed here is directly supported by the Ant developers (therefore 'external tools and tasks'), if you encounter any problems with them, please use the contact information.



AspectJ is an aspect-oriented extension to Java. This task compiles a source tree using the AspectJ compiler -- AJC.

Compatibility: Ant 1.3
URL: https://www.eclipse.org/aspectj/
Contact: project mailing lists
License: Eclipse Public License


Actually, Anakia is more than just an Ant task, it is a an XML transformation tool based on JDOM, Velocity and Ant.

Compatibility: Ant 1.2 and later
URL: https://velocity.apache.org/anakia/devel/
Contact: Velocity mailing lists
License: Apache License 2.0


Andariel is a set of tasks designed to help the generation of HTML (and other markup languages) pages from Ant. Includes a XPath processor, an image information retriever, and others.

Compatibility: Ant 1.5.4 and newer
URL: http://andariel.uworks.net/
Contact: josep DOT rio AT uworks DOT net
License: Apache Software License 1.1


These are tasks that allow users to generate html and pdf files from docbook sources within Ant build scripts.

Compatibility: Ant 1.7 and later
URL: http://ant4docbook.sourceforge.net/
License: Apache License V2.0


ant4eclipse provides a set of Ant tasks to make several configurations from the Eclipse IDE available in Ant buildscripts. The tasks are aimed to avoid redundancy between Eclipse and Ant configurations in order to build small but powerful build systems for the continuous integration process

Compatibility: Ant 1.6.1 and higher
URL: http://ant4eclipse.sf.net
Contact: ant4eclipse user mailing list
License: Sun Public License


Antcount is a set of filters that can be used to gather statistics from files or resources. It is mainly used for log files analysis. It allows to:

Antcount also includes some useful filters to:

Compatibility: Ant 1.6.2 and higher
URL: http://antcount.sourceforge.net/
Contact: Patrick Martin
License: LGPL


AntDoc is a tool that generates HTML documentation from Ant buildfiles; the generated HTML is inspired from what javadoc yields. AntDocGUI offers a simple Ant target launcher named AntDoc GUI. Ant targets may be launched from the generated AntDoc HTML pages. Integration to various IDEs is in progress.

AntDoc can be run via an Ant task, AntDoc GUI can be run via an Ant task, or via a JVM launch.

Compatibility: Ant 1.4.1 and higher
URL: http://antdoc.free.fr/
Contact: Edouard Mercier
License: Apache Software License 1.1


Anteater is a set of Ant tasks for the functional testing of websites and web services (functional testing being; hit a URL and ensure the response meets certain criteria). Can test HTTP params, response codes, XPath, regexp and Relax NG expressions. Includes HTML reporting (based on junitreport) and a hierarchical grouping system for quickly configuring large test scripts.

Compatibility: Ant 1.5 and later
URL: http://aft.sourceforge.net/
Contact: developer mailing list
License: Apache Software License 1.1


Provides a java/swing form-based input scheme for configuring ant properties and launching ant targets.

Compatibility: Ant 1.6.2.
URL: http://antforms.sourceforge.net/
Contact: René Ghosh
License: GNU General Public License


Antomology is an analysis tool suite for Ant. It includes:

Compatibility: unknown
URL: http://antomology.codehaus.org
Contact: contact page
License: Apache License V2.0


Ant Pretty Build is a tool to easily show and run Ant buildfiles directly from within a browser window. It consists of a single XSL file that will generate, on the fly, in the browser, from the .xml buildfile, a pretty interface showing project name, description, properties and targets, etc. sorted or unsorted, allowing to load/modify/add properties, run the whole project, or run selected set of targets in a specific order, with the ability to modify logger/logfile, mode and add more libs or command line arguments.

Compatibility: All Ant versions
URL: Ant Pretty Build Homepage
Contact: Charbel BITAR
License: Apache License V2.0


AntRunner is an easy to use and free GUI application for running Ant build files. It's written for .NET so it should run on any Windows Platform.

Compatibility: Ant 1.6 and newer
URL: http://visualdrugs.net/antrunner/
Contact: Andre Fiedler
License: GPL


AntSpaces provides Ant integration with JavaSpaces. This allows you to coordinate Ant tasks via JavaSpaces, pull out work units from a JavaSpace for distributed Ant tasks to work on, and so forth.

Compatibility: Ant 1.5 and later
URL: http://www.oopsconsultancy.com/software/antspaces/
Contact: antspaces at oopsconsultancy.com
License: Apache Software License 1.1


Timer is task for measuring the time elapsed to complete other tasks

Compatibility: Ant 1.6
URL: http://www.jeckle.de/freeStuff/AntTimerTask/index.html
Contact: mario@jeckle.de
License: Lesser GNU Public License

Ant Web Start Task

Ant Web Start Task is an Ant task allowing developers to package a desktop application as a WAR (Web Application Archive) to be distributed over the net via Java Web Start

Compatibility: Ant 1.5 and above
URL: http://ant-jnlp-war.sourceforge.net/
License: Apache License 2.0


A collection of powerful Ant extensions components organized into five categories: fixture-control, execution-rules, flow-control, feedback, and helpers.

Compatibility: Ant 1.6.5
URL: AntXtras Home
Contact: SSMC
License: GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL 2.1)

Build Number

Build Number is a tool to track software artifacts such as files and automatically assign proper version/build numbers to them. It ensures that two different artifacts will have different version/build numbers, but identical artifacts/builds will be assigned the same number. It doesn't take version management away from you and doesn't replace your build process, but rather plugs into the process and introduces version/build number governance by defining who is in charge of which part of version number. With Build Number you are still in charge of the head of the version number. E.g. you may decide to have 4 numbers in your version (major, minor, interface, implementation) and you want to manage the two first numbers (major and minor). Build Number will take care of the tedium of managing the last two numbers (interface and implementation).

Compatibility: Tested with Ant 1.5.4 and 1.6.5
URL: http://www.hammurapi.biz/hammurapi-biz/ef/xmenu/hammurapi-group/products/build-number/
Contact: Project Contact Page
License: Commercial


Checkstyle is a development tool to help programmers write Java code that adheres to a coding standard. Its purpose is to automate the process of checking Java code, and to spare humans of this boring (but important) task.

Checkstyle can be run via an Ant task or a command line utility.

Compatibility: Ant 1.4.1 and later
URL: http://checkstyle.sourceforge.net/
Contact: Oliver Burn
License: Starting with release 2.0 the license is the GNU Lesser General Public License. Prior releases were under the GNU General Public License.


ChownTask is an Ant task to change ownership of files on Unix.

Note: As the Sourceforge project site shows, the last update was on Feb 16 2003. (jhm)

Compatibility: Ant 1.3 and up
URL: http://sourceforge.net/projects/chowntask/
Contact: Wilfred Springer
License: GNU General Public License


Removes unneeded imports. Formats your import sections. Flags ambiguous imports.

Compatibility: Ant 1.3 and up
URL: http://www.cleanimports.tombrus.nl
Contact: Tom Brus
License: Apache Software License 1.1


Clover is an Ant-based Code Coverage tool. It can be used seamlessly with Ant-based projects. It provides method, statement, and branch coverage analysis, and has rich reporting in XML, HTML or via a Swing GUI.

Compatibility: Ant 1.4.1 or greater
URL: https://www.atlassian.com/software/clover
Contact: clover-support@cenqua.com
License: Commercial, free licenses available for open source projects.

Cocoon Task

This task allows the generation of static web pages and sites using Apache Cocoon in off-line mode.

It allows the configuration information for Cocoon to be included within the Ant build file, and is thus able to take advantage of Ant properties.

The task shares its code with the Cocoon Command Line, which means that this task will instantly take advantage of any new functionality added there.

Compatibility: Ant 1.5.3 and above
URL: https://cocoon.apache.org
Documentation: https://cocoon.apache.org/2.1/userdocs/offline/ant.html
Contact: users at cocoon.apache.org
License: Apache License 2.0

Commons Configuration Ant Task

A set of Ant task that help convert Apache Commons Configuration property files into build properties, java Enum's (that are populated at runtime), and any exportable property / env file desired (e.g., csh, bash, bat, etc.).

This project provides the following tasks:

Compatibility: Ant 1.6 and above
URL: http://code.google.com/p/commonsconfiganttask/
Contact: ndunn at me.com
License: Apache License 2.0


A little CVS client that can be useful when people are behind corporate firewall that blocks any cvs communications. It uses the ViewCVS web interface to access the CVS repository via standard http, and downloads all the files present in it.

It works from the command line or as an Ant task.

Compatibility: Ant 1.3 or higher
URL: http://cvsgrab.sourceforge.net/
Contact: CVSGrab user mailing list
License: LGPL

Dependency Finder

Dependency Finder extracts dependencies and OO metrics from Java class files produced by most Java compilers. It can compute API differences between versions; no sources needed. It includes Ant tasks, web, Swing, and command-line interfaces, with XSL stylesheets for formatting output.

You can use it to extract dependencies between packages, classes, or even methods, or any combination thereof. You can use Perl regular expressions to filter the information and pinpoint only what you need. There is even a Web Application version (WAR file) so a whole group of developers can share a common view.

Compatibility: Tested with 1.5.3, should work with 1.4+.
URL: http://depfind.sourceforge.net/
Contact: Jean Tessier
License: BSD-like License

Doxygen task

Compatibility: Ant 1.5 and later
URL: http://ant-doxygen.blogspot.com
Contact: Karthik A Kumar
License: Apache License 2.0


DTDDoc is here to help you to document your DTD's efficiently. It is a straightforward extension of the javadoc concept to the DTD file format.

Compatibility: Ant 1.4 and later
URL: http://dtddoc.sourceforge.net/
Contact: Project Mailing List
License: X11 (Open Source)

dynaTrace Ant Task

dtAnt allows integrating automated performance analysis into your ant builds. This way you can easily record performance metrics of your tests and get alerts to performance regressions.

Compatibility: Ant 1.6 and higher
URL: http://www.dynatrace.com/antTask
Contact: dynaTrace Support
License: dynaTrace BSD


EnvGen is an Ant task for generating different versions of the same file parameterized for different environments (i.e. development, test, and production). File generation is done using FreeMarker, a template engine with a full-featured templating language.

Compatibility: Ant 1.6.5 or higher (not tested on earlier versions)
URL: http://www.basilv.com/software
Contact: EnvGen Feedback Page
License: GPL


EMMA is an open-source toolkit for measuring and reporting Java code coverage. EMMA distinguishes itself from other tools by going after a unique feature combination: support large-scale enterprise software development while keeping individual developers work fast and iterative at the same time.

Compatibility: Ant 1.4 and later
URL: http://emma.sourceforge.net/
Contact: Mailinglist
License: Common Public License 1.0

EPP Task

EPP Task is an easy preprocessor ant task. The next directives are supported: #ifdef, #ifndef, #else, #endif and #include.

Compatibility: Ant 1.4 and higher
URL: http://sourceforge.net/projects/epptask/
Contact: Dmitriy Rykov
License: Apache License 2.0


FMPP is a general-purpose text file preprocessor tool that uses FreeMarker templates. It is particularly designed for HTML preprocessor, for the generation of complete (static) homepages: directory structure that contains HTML-s, image files, etc. But of course it can be used to generate source code or whatever text files. FMPP is extendable with Java classes to pull data from any data sources (XML file, database, etc.) and embed the data into the generated files.

From the project homepage: I will be honest about it: I (Daniel Dekany) have stopped the active development of the FMPP project with FMPP 0.9.7. I still fix bugs and do other maintenance work (check it here if I really do), so the project is not abandoned.

Compatibility: Ant 1.5.1
URL: http://fmpp.sourceforge.net/
License: BSD License


Builds a JAR file based on class dependencies rather than simply the contents of a directory

Compatibility: Ant 1.4 alpha (built after 2001/08/04) and later
URL: http://genjar.sourceforge.net/
Contact: Jesse Stockall
License: Apache Software License 1.1


Grand is a set of tools to create a visual representation of Ant target dependencies. It works by taking an Ant build file and creating a "dot" file. It differs from the existing tools by relying on the Ant API rather than XML parsing to get the dependencies. It includes many advanced features such as filtering or rendering depending on the target's nature. Also features a SWT based GUI.

Compatibility: Ant 1.6 and later
URL: http://www.ggtools.net/grand/
Contact: Christophe Labouisse
License: BSD License


Greebo is an Ant-task for downloading dependency files (currently only jars) from a network to a specified directory, much like Maven. It supports multiple local and remote repositories with either flat or maven-like structures. It can read the dependency list from a Maven project file, a maven-like dependency file, or directly from the build.xml file.

Note: As the Sourceforge project site shows, the last update was on Mar 12 2003 . You could also try Ivy. (jhm)

Compatibility: Ant 1.5
URL: http://greebo.sourceforge.net/
Contact: project mailing lists
License: Apache Software License 1.1

GroboUtils CodeCoverage

The CodeCoverage sub-project of GroboUtils provides a 100% pure Java code coverage tool. It uses pre-execution class file recompilation, and generates XML files containing the coverage statistics. It does not require any advanced VM setup to generate coverage numbers.

Compatibility: Ant 1.5.1
URL: http://groboutils.sourceforge.net/codecoverage/
Contact: project mailing lists
License: MIT License


Java code review tool. Performs automated code review. Contains 111 inspectors which check different aspects of code quality including coding standards, EJB, threading, ...

Compatibility: Tested with Ant 1.5.x and 1.6.5
URL: http://www.hammurapi.biz/hammurapi-biz/ef/xmenu/hammurapi-group/products/hammurapi/index.html
Contact: Support adress


This task allows for HelpStudio projects to be created via Ant.

Compatibility: Ant 1.6.0 and later
URL: http://helpstudioant.sourceforge.net
License: GNU General Public License


idldepend is a task that (re)generates Java sources to be created from CORBA/IDL files.

It parses the IDL file and determines the Java files that must be generated, taking in account the modifications that can happen due to command line parameters. If any of the Java files are missing or older than the source IDL specification, it launches the specified compiler. The compilers of Orbacus, Jacorb, OpenORB, Orbix2k and Sun'JDK distributions are supported.

To speed up the process and avoid unnecesary re-parsing, it keeps the dependencies in intermediate files. This task does not launch the javac compiler as well, that is, its output are Java files and not the final bytecode.

Compatibility: Ant 1.4 or later
URL: http://www.coderazzi.net/idldepend/
Contact: lu@coderazzi.net
License: free source, no license restrictions


Removes unnecessary import statements from a Java source code file.

Compatibility: Ant 1.3
URL: http://importscrubber.sourceforge.net/
Contact: Tom Copeland
License: LGPL


ImTask is a task to allow one to send an Instant Message. Currently supports yahoo!, AIM, and Jabber

Compatibility: Ant 1.5 or higher
URL: http://imtask.sourceforge.net
Contact: Jon Madison
License: GNU LGPL


Ant tasks to provide support for Oracle database tools (such as SQL*Plus, Import, Export)

Compatibility: Ant 1.6
URL: http://incanto.sourceforge.net/
Contact: Alexander Karnstedt
License: Apache License, Version 2.0


Checks whether a given directory structure conforms to certain rules that are defined via nested elements of the task.

Compatibility: Ant 1.4
URL: http://isvalidator.sourceforge.net/en/isDirValidator.htm
Contact: Iñigo Serrano
License: GNU General Public License


Ivy is a simple yet powerful dependency manager featuring continuous integration, dependencies of dependencies management, multiple repositories including ibiblio and high performance (use of a local cache).

Compatibility: 1.5.1 (1.6.5 or 1.7.1 recommended)
URL: https://ant.apache.org/ivy/
Contact: ivy-user (at) ant (dot) apache (dot) org [User Mailinglist]
License: Apache License 2.0

J2ME Ant Tasks

There are different sets of tasks to help build Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME) applications.

*** Antenna ***

Antenna provides a set of Ant tasks suitable for developing wireless Java applications targeted at the Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP). With Antenna, you can compile, preverify, package, obfuscate, and run your MIDP applications (aka MIDlets), manipulate Java Application Descriptor (JAD) files, as well as convert JAR files to PRC files designed to run on MIDP for Palm OS. Deployment is supported via a deployment task and a corresponding HTTP servlet for Over-the-Air (OTA) provisioning. A small preprocessor allows to generate different variants of a MIDlet from a single source.

Compatibility: Ant 1.4.1 or later
URL: http://antenna.sourceforge.net/
Contact: Jörg Pleumann
License: GNU Lesser General Public License
*** Antic ***

Antic is a freely available task for packaging J2ME applications. It produces both the Jar and Jad files in a single step. This allows *all* entries to be correclty set in the jad file, including the size of the jar file that is produced. This task has been used and tested extensively with Sun's Wireless Toolkit and also the Nokia SDK and emulators.

Compatibility: Ant 1.5
URL: http://www.smartkey.co.uk/tools/antic/antic.html
Contact: smartkey.co.uk
License: GNU General Public License
*** Dave's J2ME Tasks ***

This set supports CLDC and the K Virtual Machine (KVM):

Note: As the website shows the 'most recent news' is from 18 Apr 2001

Compatibility: Ant 1.3
URL: https://www.dribin.org/dave/j2me_ant/
Contact: Dave Dribin
License: Apache Software License 1.1
*** J2ME Polish ***

J2ME Polish is an Ant-based tool for the creation of MIDP applications. It covers the whole circle of preprocessing, compiling, obfuscation, preverifying, packaging and JAD-creation. J2ME Polish is ideal for creating device optimized applications with its powerful preprocessing capabilities and the integrated device database. With J2ME Polish no hardcoded values are needed and the portability of an application is not sacrificed, even though highly optimized applications are created from a single source.
It contains a logging framework and an optional MIDP-compatible GUI which can be designed using the web-standard CSS. With the J2ME Polish GUI you can even use MIDP/2.0 features on MIDP/1.0 phones.

Compatibility: Ant 1.4.1 or later
URL: http://www.j2mepolish.org/
Contact: Enough Software
License: GNU General Public License; commercial licenses available
*** Stampysoft's J2ME Tasks ***

And this set works with the J2ME Wireless Toolkit and MIDP for PalmOS.

Note: as the website shows, the 'current release' is from 11/5/2001

Compatibility: Ant 1.3
URL: http://www.jeckels.com/ant/
Contact: Josh Eckels
License: MIT License


Jacson is a configurable and plugable tool (much like Ant itself) to create filters for text (line based) files without programming.

Compatibility: Jacson has been used and tested with 1.5.1, should work with 1.4+
URL: http://jacson.sourceforge.net/
Contact: jacson-user@lists.sourceforge.de
License: GNU Library or Lesser General Public License


An Ant Plug-in for the Java Source Code Formatter Jalopy.

Compatibility: Ant 1.4 (or higher)
URL: http://jalopy.sourceforge.net/
Contact: http://jalopy.sf.net/contact.html
License: Starting with release 1.0 Beta 6 the license is the BSD License. Prior releases were under the GNU General Public License.


JarBundler is a task that generates Mac OS X native Java Application Bundles. It is fully configurable and can be used to generate Mac OS X application bundles from any supported Java platform, making it ideal for targeting multiple platforms with one build.

Compatibility: Ant 1.4 and later
URL: https://www.loomcom.com/jarbundler/
Contact: Seth Morabito
License: GNU General Public License


JarPatch is a task that generates a zip file resulting of the diff between the content of 2 jar files.

The resulting diff file can be use as a patch for a previous installation (just ensure that the generated patch.zip file is located on the CLASSPATH before the patched oldJar jar file).

Compatibility: Ant 1.5 and later
URL: http://norb.dnsalias.org/ant/
Contact: Norbert Barbosa
License: LGPL License

Java+ Precompile Task

Java+ is an open source Java preprocessor that adds these features to any Java compiler:

Compatibility: Ant 1.5.1
URL: http://virtualschool.edu/java+/
Contact: Brad Cox
License: BSD-like License


There are two different tools both named Java2HTML that process Java source code and generate syntax highlighted documentation from it. Both include Ant tasks to run them.

Java2Html library for converting java source files or snipplets to syntax highlighted html, rtf, tex and others.

Compatibility: Ant 1.5 and later
URL: http://www.java2html.de/
Contact: java2html@jave.de
License: GNU General Public License

Java2HTML is a simple-to-use tool which converts a bunch of Java Source Code into a colourized and browsable HTML representation.

Compatibility: 1.5.1 onwards
URL: http://www.java2html.com/java2html_ant_task.html
Contact: support@java2html.com
License: FreeWare


A task to compile Java sources and manage class file dependencies. Functionality is equivalent to that of standard Javac and Depend tasks combined, with improved dependency checking.

Compatibility: Ant 1.4.1
URL: http://www.experimentalstuff.com/Technologies/JavaMake/index.html
Contact: Mikhail Dmitriev
License: BSD-like License


Ant tasks that generate record classes for VisualAge for Java from Cobol copy books.

Note: the website shows that the latest version 1.1 is from December 2, 2001

Compatibility: Ant 1.4
URL: http://glezen.org/javarec/
Contact: Paul Glezen
License: Apache Software License 1.1


JCSC is a Java Coding Standard Checker which also features the generation of some code metrics. It is a command line tool with an Ant task to scan whole package trees. The result can viewed in an JavaDoc style web page.

Compatibility: Ant >= 1.5
URL: http://jcsc.sourceforge.net/
Contact: Ralph Jocham
License: GNU General Public License


JDeb provides an Ant task and a Maven plugin to create Debian packages from Java builds in a truly cross platform manner. Build your Debian packages on any platform that has Java support. Windows, Linux - it does not require additional native tools installed.

Compatibility: Ant 1.7 (not tested on earlier versions)
URL: http://vafer.org/projects/jdeb/
Contact: Torsten Curdt
License: Apache License 2.0


A task that generates an HTML report of all the packages, classes, constructors, methods, and fields which have been removed, added or changed in any way, including their documentation, when two APIs are compared.

Compatibility: Ant 1.6
URL: http://javadiff.sourceforge.net/
Task Documentation: (in CVS)
License: LGPL


JFlex is a lexical analyzer generator (also known as scanner generator) for Java, written in Java.

Compatibility: Ant 1.5
URL: http://jflex.de/
Contact: jflex-users mailing list
License: GNU General Public License (GPL)


JindentTask is a very straightforward wrapping of the Jindent tool, a vendor code beautifier. It enables to use Jindent natively from Ant.

Compatibility: Ant 1.4.1 and higher
URL: http://the.edouard.mercier.free.fr/Jindent_content.php
Contact: Edouard Mercier

Jing Task

Validates XML files against the RELAX NG alternative to XML Schema. The Jing task for Ant allows you to efficiently validate multiple files against multiple RELAX NG patterns and integrate RELAX NG validation with other XML processing.

Compatibility: Ant 1.4 and later
URL: http://www.thaiopensource.com/relaxng/jing-ant.html
License: BSD-like


jMetra is a tool for collecting code metrics across a project lifecycle and compiling the results into JavaDoc-styled documentation to analyze project metrics over time. jMetra is best utilized by integrating it with your project's scheduled build process.

It works from the command line or using several provided Ant tasks.

Compatibility: Ant 1.4 and higher
URL: http://www.jmetra.com/
Contact: R Todd Newton
License: Commercial, free licenses for open source projects and evaluations.


JMX4Ant provides tasks for integration with JMX (Java Management Extensions). It provides tasks for getting and setting attributes of MBeans, invoking their methods and much more.

Note: As the Sourceforge project site shows, the last update was on May 28 2003. (jhm)

Compatibility: Ant 1.4 and higher
URL: http://jmx4ant.sourceforge.net/
Contact: Brian Dueck
License: Apache Software License 1.1


JNI is a free toolkit that makes easy work of integrating Java and C through the Java Native Interface (JNI). It includes a code generator that generates both Java "proxy" classes to access C "peer" classes, and C "proxy" classes to access Java "peer" classes or interfaces. It also includes a core library with a simplified JVM interface as well as "helper" classes to ease working with the JNI data types. The code generation is driven by an XML project file that can be created with the assistance of the GUI Project Manager. The code generation can be invoked either from Ant or from the GUI. Includes a comprehensive printable PDF User Guide and plenty of examples.

Note: As the Sourceforge project site shows, the last update was on Jan 29 2002. (jhm)

Compatibility: Ant 1.4
URL: http://jnipp.sf.net/
Contact: Phillip E. Trewhella
License: GNU LGPL


JPP is a preprocessor for Ant supporting many different file types that allows you to include / exclude contents based on build-time parameters. It is completely invisible to other tools and takes the hassle out of maintaining customised code or content. It is free, is provided as an Ant task, and very simple to use.

Compatibility: Ant 1.6.5
URL: http://www.javapreprocessor.com
Contact: info@javapreprocessor.com
License: Freeware


Sometimes you are interested at runtime to have information from build time. This may be the build date, a build number or the version. The JReleaseInfo Ant Task generates a java source file with getter methods for any desired and provided properties. Furthermore, it can automatically generate a viewer (which can e.g. be used as main-class in a library jar file) that shows the included release information.

Note: As the Sourceforge project site shows, the last update was on Aug 07 2005. (jhm)

Compatibility: Ant 1.6 and later
URL: HomePage on SourceForge
Contact: Forums/Tracker on SourceForge
License: Apache License 2.0

JRun Ant Tasks

JRun 4 SP1 ships with lib/jrun-ant-tasks.jar, which defines three Ant tasks: jrun, jrunapp, and jrunjmx. Documentation for the tasks can be found in JRun under docs/ant/jrun.html.

Note that the service pack must be installed on top of an existing JRun 4 installation.

Compatibility: Ant 1.4 or higher
URL: https://www.adobe.com/products/jrun/
License: Commercial

JsDoc Toolkit Ant Task

JsDoc Toolkit is an application, written in JavaScript, for automatically generating template-formatted, multi-page HTML (or XML, JSON, or any other text-based) documentation from commented JavaScript source code.

This project is a simple wrapper around the JsDoc Toolkit documentation program. It gives the user all the command line options, with the flexibility of using in within an Ant build file.

Compatibility: Ant 1.7.0 or higher
URL: http://code.google.com/p/jsdoc-toolkit-ant-task/
Contact: Darren Hurley
License: Apache License 2.0

JSMin Ant Task

The JSMin Ant task can be used for the automated minification of javascript files in your build and deploy processes.

JSMin is a filter which removes comments and unnecessary whitespace from javascript files. It typically reduces filesize by half, resulting in faster downloads.

Compatibility: Ant 1.6.5 or higher
URL: http://code.google.com/p/jsmin-ant-task/
Contact: M. Haynes
License: Apache License 2.0

JudoScript Ant Task

The <judoscript> task is an easy way to embed JudoScript code in the Ant build script. The tag format is quite simple. You can either embed code directly, or can specify an external JudoScript program file as the src attribute value. Parameters can be specified as the params attribute; this is applicable to both embedded code and external files.

Compatibility: Ant 1.5 or higher
URL: http://www.judoscript.org/books/judoscript-0.9/chapters/ant.html
Contact: James Jianbo Huang
License: Lesser GNU Public License

Just4log Ant Task

Just4log is a ant task to optimize JVM bytecode with regards for Logs ( be it, Log4j, Apache Commons or JDK 1.4 ) It depends on apache BCEL for Bytecode engineering.

Note: As the Sourceforge project site shows, the last update was on Oct 19 2003. (jhm)

Compatibility: Ant 1.5.2 or higher
URL: http://just4log.sourceforge.net
Contact: Lucas Bruand
License: Apache License 1.1.


Kanaputs is a parser for java based scripting. It is an interpreter for Java. With Kanaputs you can use Java as an interpreted language: no more compilation, each instruction is executed when you write it. It is a small programmation language to make script files above Java.

Kanaputs Ant Task provides a way to add any kind of programmatic features in your Ant script. The code you insert stays OS independent (because Kanaputs uses Java) and is completely integrated with Ant as you can give Ant properties to the Kanaputs code and get back the results in other properties.

Moreover, as you can invoke any kind of Java code with Kanaputs, you can popup windows from your Ant file to ask the user to do a choice.

Note: the website shows that the latest version 1.4 is from Nov 26, 2004. The mailing archive from the last few months contains only spam...

Compatibility: Ant 1.2 and above
URL: https://kanaputs.dev.java.net//
Contact: kfra@dev.java.net
License: Freeware

LaTeX Task

Simple Task to use (PDF)LaTeX, BibTeX, Makeindex and GlossTeX to create your documentation.

Compatibility: Ant 1.6.2 and above
URL: http://www.dokutransdata.de/
Contact: jaloma@dokutransdata.de
License: Freeware


A build-time architectural testing tool, designed to maintain clean layering / tiering / modularity. Macker works against compiled class files, checking dependencies between classes against a set of pattern-based access rules you specify for your project in an XML rules file. Macker doesn't presume anything about your architecture -- you write the rules, and Macker keeps you honest about them.

Note: As the Sourceforge project site shows, the last update was on Nov 02 2003. (jhm)

Compatibility: Ant 1.5 and higher (1.4 untested but may work)
URL: https://innig.net/macker/
Contact: Paul Cantrell
License: GNU GPL 2.0


MakeRunScript creates a run script for your application. Even if you are developing on windows, you can make a run script for *nix and vice versa. If you've used the built-in java task before, you already know how to use 90% of MakeRunScript.

Compatibility: Ant 1.7 and higher
URL: http://sourceforge.net/projects/makerunscript/
Contact: MakeRunScript forums
License: Apache 2.0


The mtxslt (Multi-XSLT) extends the standard Ant "xslt/style" task to make it easy to use multiple XSLT engines during the same build. This is useful for regression testing of XSLT scripts against several engines.

Note: As the Sourceforge project site shows, the last update was on Oct 16 2002. (jhm)

Compatibility: Ant 1.5
URL: http://mtxslt.sourceforge.net/
Contact: Anthony B. Coates
License: Apache Software License 1.1

nsd2LaTeX Task

Simple Task to use nsd2ltx to build your Nassi-Shneiderman diagrams.

Compatibility: Ant 1.6.2 and above
URL: http://www.dokutransdata.de/
Contact: jaloma@dokutransdata.de
License: Freeware

Nurflugel AntScript Visualizer

The Nurflugel AntScript Visualizer takes your build file, finds any imported build files, and shows all relationships between targets, taskdefs, macrodefs, Ant and Antcalls; output options include PDF, SVG, and PNG. Many options including grouping by build file, inclusion/exclusion of targets, taskdefs, imports, etc. Installation is via Java WebStart, so you'll always have the freshest version available.

Compatibility: Ant 1.1 and later
URL: http://www.nurflugel.com/webstart/AntScriptVisualizer/
Contact: dbullard <at> nurflugel <dot> com (email will receive a challenge to weed out spam)
License: GNU General Public License

Orangevolt Ant Tasks

Orangevolt ANT Tasks is a collection of Tasks for Apache Ant.

The Orangevolt Ant Tasks collections provides a bunch of Appplication Deployment related Tasks from windows specific tasks (registry access, executable generation), *nix specific tasks (kde/gnome shortcut generation) to many useful utility tasks like jnlp generation.

Compatibility: Ant 1.5 or above
URL: http://sourceforge.net/projects/ovanttasks
Contact: info@roxes.com
License: GNU General Public License (GPL)


pack is a task to build the smallest possible JAR to link and run one or more classes.

Compatibility: Ant 1.5
URL: http://sadun-util.sourceforge.net/pack.html
Contact: Cristiano Sadun
License: GNU Lesser General Public License


PCT is a task to compile Progress code, and in a more general way, to deal with Progress procedures and databases.

Compatibility: Ant 1.5
URL: http://pct.sourceforge.net
Contact: Gilles QUERRET
Licence: Apache License 2.0

PesterCat Ant Toolkit

PesterCat is a web testing tool that was designed to perform functional testing for web applications. The PesterCat Ant Toolkit contains tasks to playback test scripts and create HTML reports.

Compatibility: Ant 1.6 and later
URL: http://www.pestercat.com/
License: Commercial


PMD checks Java source code for unused variables, unnecessary object creation, etc

Compatibility: Ant 1.4 and higher
URL: http://pmd.sf.net/
Contact: Tom Copeland
License: BSD style license


PRes is short for Property Resources and will generate a Java source file from name=value pair .property files which can be compiled like any other class.

Compatibility: Ant 1.5 and later (may work with earlier)
URL: http://mseries.sourceforge.net
Contact: MSeries
License: LGPL


ProGuard is a free Java class file shrinker and obfuscator. It can detect and remove unused classes, fields, methods, and attributes. It can then rename the remaining classes, fields, and methods using short meaningless names.

Compatibility: Tested with 1.5. Should work with all versions.
URL: http://proguard.sourceforge.net/
Contact: Feedback Page
License: GNU General Public License


Properties2Java is an Ant task for automatic conversion of java ".properties" files to ".java" files extending the java.util.ListResourceBundle.

Note: As the Sourceforge project site shows, the last update was on Jun 04 2005. (jhm)

Compatibility: Ant 1.6 or above
URL: http://properties2java.jayefem.de/
Contact: Jan-Friedrich Mutter
License: Apache License 2.0


Purge deletes all but the most recent few files from a fileset. For example: if you have generated files (logs, .ear, .war, .jar etc) accumulating in a directory, the purge task will allow you to delete the older files, keeping just the most recent ones.

Compatibility: Ant 1.4 or above
URL: http://www.dallaway.com/ant/
Contact: Richard Dallaway
License: LGPL


Change the character encoding of a text file.

Compatibility: anything with fileset
URL: https://github.com/nickawatts/reencode/wiki
Contact: https://github.com/nickawatts/reencode/wiki
License: Apache License 2.0


RefactorIT includes an Ant task for metrics and audits. RefactorIT is a Java refactoring, audit and metrics tool. It plugs into major Java IDEs, also runs stand-alone with a GUI and a command line interface.

Compatibility: Ant 1.5 and later
URL: https://www.refactorit.com/
Contact: support@refactorit.com
License: Commercial. (Free for accredited open source products, see https://www.refactorit.com/osc.)

Reflectant Task

This is a task for reflection invocation from within ant build file.

Compatibility: Ant 1.5 or above
URL: http://sourceforge.net/projects/reflectant/
Contact: sv_ant@mail.bg
License: Apache License 2.0


A task designed to help with the single-sourcing of program documentation. Rundoc replaces special commands (in the format @@rundoc:command param1 param2...@@) embedded within text files with their output in a specified format. Currently, only Docbook format is supported.

Rundoc was written to keep sample code output in program documentation synchronized with the actual output of the current code, by running the referenced code when the documentation is built.

Compatibility: Tested with 1.6 Should work with all versions.
URL: http://www.martiansoftware.com/lab/index.html#rundoc
Contact: Marty Lamb
License: Revised BSD


SerialVer adds the Java serialver functionality to Apache Ant. This project adds Tasks and FilterReaders to get, to insert and to modify the serialVersionUID in the source code of a serializable class.

Compatibility: Ant 1.5.1 and later
URL: http://serialver.sourceforge.net/
Contact: developer mailing list
License: Apache Software License 1.1


Simian (Similarity Analyser) identifies duplication in Java, C#, C, CPP, COBOL, JSP, HTML source code and even plain text files.

Compatibility: Ant 1.5.1 and later
URL: http://www.redhillconsulting.com.au/products/simian/
Contact: simian-user-subscribe@redhillconsulting.com.au (User Mailinglist)
License: Commercial, Free Licenses available for Non-Commercial Projects


Powerful analysis of dependencies between Java classes. Only affected classes will be recompiled and it can be used with any bytecode compiler.

Note: As the Sourceforge project site shows, the last update was on Feb 21 2003. (jhm)

Compatibility: Apache Ant version 1.5.1
URL: http://smartanalyzer.sourceforge.net/
Contact: support at sourceforge project page
License: GNU General Public Licence (GPL)


A task designed to help with the single-sourcing of program documentation. Snip extracts snippets of text from files, placing them into properties in the Ant project. These properties can then be used by any other Ant task, and are particularly useful when referenced by <filter>s within the <copy> task.

Snip was originally written to keep snippets of sample code in API documentation synchronized with the actual sample classes.

Compatibility: Tested with 1.5.1. Should work with all versions.
URL: http://www.martiansoftware.com/lab/index.html#snip
Contact: Marty Lamb
License: Revised BSD


Website is gone and nothing found.

SQL Compiler (SQLC)

SQL Compiler (SQLC) compiles database metadata and SQL statements into data access and data transfer classes.

Note: It seems that the product is renamed to jIncarnate.

Compatibility: Tested with Ant 1.5.4 and 1.6.5
URL: http://www.hammurapi.biz/products/sqlc
Contact: Project Contact Page
License: LGPL


SQLUnit is a regression and unit testing harness for testing database stored procedures. The test suite is written as an XML file. The SQLUnit harness itself is written in Java and uses the JUnit unit testing framework to convert the XML test specifications to JDBC calls and compare the results generated from the calls with the specified results. It also provides the <sqlunit> task to run the tests from a build script.

Compatibility: Tested with Ant 1.6
URL: http://sqlunit.sourceforge.net
Contact: Project forums
License: GNU General Public License (GPL)


The styler task makes useful combinations of XSLT transformations easy to specify in an Ant build file. Like the built-in Ant task style, styler can apply a single transformation to a set of XML files. But it can also:

Compatibility: Ant 1.4
URL: http://www.langdale.com.au/styler/
Contact: Arnold deVos
License: LGPL


Transforms source files into HTML documents with syntax highlighting. It can handle a variety of source files including Java, HTML, C/C++, SQL, and Java properties. Colors for elements are specified using cascading style sheets. The output can be templated for easy integration with a site's look and feel.

A very short look into the scm shows that the last modifications where in 2003.

Compatibility: Ant 1.5
URL: https://ostermiller.org/syntax/ant.html
Contact: Stephen Ostermiller
License: GNU General Public License (GPL)


The TestSetGenerator is an ant task for generating property files with testsets based on the results of SQL queries and validation plug-ins. Very usefull when building unit tests that make use of changing datasets. This task is an extension of the Ant SQL task. Hsqldb is used for both the examples and the unittests.

Note: As the Sourceforge project site shows, the last update was on Jan 04 2004. (jhm)

Compatibility: ANT 1.4 (or later)
URL: http://anttestsetgen.sourceforge.net/
Contact: m.c.jansen@planet.nl
License: GPL


TiniAnt is an Ant task to support building applications for the TINI.

Note: As the Sourceforge project site shows, the last update was on Mar 05 2002. (jhm)

Compatibility: Ant 1.2 to 1.4.1
URL: http://tiniant.sourceforge.net/
Contact: Sean Kelly
License: BSD-like license


Transformica is a versatile and extensible code generator. Supports multiple source models including database metadata, Java source files, grammar files and custom models.

Compatibility: Tested with Ant 1.5.x and 1.6.5
URL: http://www.hammurapi.biz/hammurapi-biz/ef/xmenu/hammurapi-group/products/transformica/
Contact: email support


A versioning tool for Ant.

Note: As the Sourceforge project site shows, the last update was on Feb 19 2004. (jhm)

Compatibility: Ant 1.5.1
URL: http://ant.ryangrier.com/
Contact: version_tool@ryangrier.com
License: BSD license


VPP provides general file preprocessing support based on the Velocity Template Engine. The core functionality is provided as a filter for use with tasks that supports filter chains. Also included are replacement tasks for <copy> and <javac> that integrate support for preprocessing.

Note: As the Sourceforge project site shows, the last update was on May 06 2004. (jhm)

Compatibility: 1.5.1 and above
URL: http://vpp.sourceforge.net/
Contact: vpp-user@lists.sourceforge.net
License: BSD license


WOProject provides a set of tools to work with WebObjects 5.1 independent from platform and IDE. It significantly improves developer productivity and makes complex project structures more flexible compared to traditional Makefile-based approach.

Compatibility: Ant 1.4
URL: http://objectstyle.org/woproject/
Contact: Andrus Adamchik
License: Apache license


WSDLValidate is, as it sounds, a tool to validate WSDL files.

Compatibility: Ant 1.5 or later
URL: https://www.eclipse.org/webtools/
Contact: Project newsgroup and mailing list
License: Common Public License (CPL)


xcluder is an XML Inclusions (XInclude) task for Apache Ant. Offers the choice of using Xerces or Elliotte Rusty Harold's XOM API.

Compatibility: Ant 1.4 or later. XInclude compliance depends on the underlying Xerces or XOM used. Xerces 2.5.0 and above works fine, but please note that 2.6.1 and 2.6.2 processed the http://www.w3.org/2003/XInclude, now obsolete by http://www.w3.org/2001/XInclude used by the latest Candidate Recommendation (13 April 2004).
URL: http://sourceforge.net/projects/xcluder
Contact: mbatsis@users.sf.net
License: GNU General Public License (GPL), GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (LGPL)


XDoclet is an extended Javadoc Doclet engine for use in Ant. It lets you create custom Javadoc @tags and based on those tags generates source code or other files (such as xml-ish deployment descriptors). Templates and matching tasks are provided to generate EJB and web application deployment descriptors.

Compatibility: Ant 1.4
URL: http://sourceforge.net/projects/xdoclet/
License: BSD license


XInclude is a W3C standardized vocabulary for including arbitrary text or XML documents in other XML documents. This task performes the inclusion using an existing XInclude implementation

Compatibility: Ant 1.5.2
URL: http://www.jeckle.de/freeStuff/xia/index.html
Contact: mario@jeckle.de
License: Lesser GNU Public License

XML Directory Listing Ant Task

The XML Directory Listing task can recurse through a directory structure and produce an XML representation. The resulting file can then be transformed further with Ant.

The XML output is configurable through various options. The SAX parsing is fast and has a low memory footprint.

Compatibility: Ant 1.6.5 or higher
URL: http://code.google.com/p/xml-dir-listing/
Contact: M. Haynes
License: Apache License 2.0

XMLReleaseNotes (XRN)

This framework is a release notes framework that enables to generate textual release notes from an XML file. This is an open framework that enables to integrate the information coming from VSC and bug tracking solutions, for instance.

Note: As the Sourceforge project site shows, the last update was on Sep 04 2005. (jhm)

Compatibility: Ant 1.5 and later
URL: http://xmlreleasenotes.free.fr/
Contact: Edouard Mercier
License: Apache Software License 1.1


XmlTask provides a simple means to modify XML documents without having to learn XSLT. A simple path reference to an XML node specifies the node you want to change, and how you want to allow XML insertion and removal, or attribute changes. The emphasis is on providing the simplest means to perform common XML replacements

Compatibility: Ant 1.4 and later
URL: http://www.oopsconsultancy.com/software/xmltask/
Contact: xmltask-users at lists.sourceforge.net
License: Apache Software License 1.1


yGuard is a free Java(TM) Bytecode Obfuscator Task that needs no external script or project files. It can completely be configured and run through the Ant build script. The task supports multiple Jar files at once and makes use of patternsets and regular expressions to specify elements, which should be left unobfuscated. Additionally it can be used to produce patches for obfuscated applications that have already been deployed.

Compatibility: Ant 1.5 and later
URL: https://www.yworks.com/en/products_yguard_about.htm
Contact: yGuard@yWorks.com
License: Library: LGPL, Task: Commercial

Zelix KlassMaster

The task ZKMTask allows the Zelix KlassMaster Java obfuscator to be integrated into an Ant build.

Compatibility: Ant 1.4.1 and later
URL: https://www.zelix.com/klassmaster/docs/buildToolApi.html
License: Commercial

Build Listeners


Wondering why your Ant build is slow? Is your continuous integration server taking too long to produce your project builds? This project may help. This project includes a small number of classes for use with Ant that can help you to analyze your build in a non-intrusive manner.

Compatibility: Ant 1.6
URL: https://antutility.dev.java.net/
Contact: David Green
License: Apache License 2.0

Compiler Implementations

Generics (JSR14) Early-Access Compiler Adapter

This is an Ant compiler-adapter that allows you to use the normal <javac> task plus Sun's early-access compiler to compile Generics-enabled Java code. (This is only necessary until JDK1.5 is released.)

Compatibility: Ant 1.5 and later
URL: https://www.madbean.com/blog/3/
Contact: Matt Quail <spud[at]madbean[dot]com>
License: Public Domain

miniRMI <rmic> implementation

miniRMI is a freeware opensource library that serves as a lightweight replacement for the original java.rmi packages and is suitable especially for applets. Ant 1.4+ <rmic> adapter included.

Compatibility: Ant 1.4 and later
URL: http://dione.zcu.cz/~toman40/miniRMI/
Contact: Petr Toman
License: Gnu Lesser Public License

IDE and Editor Integration


A plugin that integrates Ant into the jEdit editor.

Compatibility: bundles Ant 1.5
URL: http://plugins.jedit.org/plugins/?AntFarm
Contact: jEdit developers mailinglist
License: GNU General Public License


An OpenTool that integrates Ant into the JBuilder IDE (version 5 and later).

Compatibility: Ant 1.2 and later
URL: http://antrunner.sourceforge.net/
Contact: Dirk Schnelle
License: GNU General Public License


CA Plex is an architected RAD tool that combines the techniques of model-driven development, code generation and patterns to create business applications for multiple platforms, including Java, .NET and IBM System i. In its 6.0 release, CA Plex includes integrated support for building generated Java code with Ant.

Compatibility: Ant 1.6.5
URL: https://wiki.plexinfo.net/index.php?title=Customizing_Plex_6.0_ANT_builds
Contact: https://www.ca.com/us/products/product.aspx?ID=258
License: Commercial


Eclipse is a universal tool platform with Ant integration.

Compatibility: Ant 1.3 and higher
Bundles Ant 1.6.2 as of Eclipse 3.0.1 (tested with Ant 1.5.4 - 1.6.2)
Eclipse 3.2 bundles Ant 1.6.5
Eclipse 3.3 bundles Ant 1.7.0
URL: https://www.eclipse.org/ or Platform Ant Project
Contact: news://news.eclipse.org/eclipse.platform
License: Common Public License Version 1.0


Java IDE with support for Ant. Gel is a native Microsoft Windows software.

Note: The website recommends using another IDE because GEL is not longer maintained.

Compatibility: Ant 1.4 and above
URL: https://www.gexperts.com/products/gel/gel.asp
Contact: Project Mailing List
License: Freeware

IntelliJ IDEA

Java IDE with refactoring support and Ant integration. The IDE has special editing and navigation support for Ant.

Compatibility: bundles Ant 1.6.5
URL: https://www.intellij.com/idea/
Contact: support@intellij.com
License: Commercial; Academic and OpenSource licenses available.


Embarcadero JBuilder comes (as Eclipse based product) with built-in Ant support.

Compatibility: Bundles Ant 1.6
URL: http://www.codegear.com/en/products/jbuilder
Contact: http://support.codegear.com/en
License: Commercial; Turbo JBuilder 2007 is free.


The Java Development Environment for Emacs (JDEE) supports Apache Ant as one of three built-in ways to build your applications.

Compatibility: Ant 1.2 and later
URL: http://jdee.sourceforge.net/
Contact: JDEE Mailing list.
License: GNU General Public License


NetBeans IDE includes integrated Ant support. This IDE uses Ant as its primary means of building applications, with custom tasks and an Ant-aware editor.

Compatibility: bundles Ant 1.8.3 in NetBeans 7.1.2/7.2, 1.8.4 in 7.3, 1.9.0 in the release following 7.3
URL: https://netbeans.apache.org/
Contact: nbdev@netbeans.org
License: Common Development and Distribution License / GNU General Public License

Optistic IDX Java IDE

Java IDE with deep Ant integration. IDX is a native Microsoft Windows program.

Compatibility: bundles Ant 1.6
URL: http://optistic.com/idx
Contact: support@optistic.com
License: Commercial; Academic and OpenSource licenses available.

Oracle JDeveloper 10i

Java IDE with support for Ant.

Compatibility: Ant 1.5.1
URL: https://www.oracle.com/technology/products/jdev/index.html
Contact: JDeveloper Forum
License: Commercial

Virtual Ant

Instead of manually creating build scripts in XML, Virtual Ant provides a fully virtual file system where you can run your tasks in real time and see the results. Everything that you do is recorded and turned into an Ant build script.

Compatibility: Ant 1.6.5 onwards
URL: http://www.placidsystems.com/virtualant/
Contact: support@placidsystems.com
License: Commercial; OpenSource licenses available too.

WebSphere Studio Application Developer

WSAD features Ant integrate by virtue of being built on the Eclipse tools platform.

Compatibility: bundles Ant 1.4.1
URL: https://www.ibm.com/developerworks/websphere/
Article: Using Ant with WebSphere Studio Application Developer
License: Commercial

Source Control Systems

There are several integration with SCM systems. Some are built in. But some are available as external libraries. Here a list of task libraries we are aware of:


These are tasks that allow users to access Git functionality from within Ant build scripts.

Compatibility: Ant 1.7 and later
URL: https://github.com/rimerosolutions/ant-git-tasks
Contact: rimerosolutions@gmail.org
License: Apache License version 2.0


These are tasks that allow users to access Mercurial functionality from within Ant build scripts.

Compatibility: Ant 1.7 and later
URL: http://ant4hg.free.fr
Contact: ant4hg@free.fr
License: GNU Lesser General Public License


This library is a collection of "value-add" Ant tasks for integrating IBM Rational ClearCase with Apache Ant. The integration makes full use of the power and capabilities of Ant, with support for nested elements (such as filesets) and also supports conditions. There are a number of tasks for creating XML reports on both ClearCase baselines and labels as well as a task for "staging" ClearCase objects.

Compatibility: Ant 1.6.1 and later
URL: http://clearantlib.sourceforge.net/
Contact: Forum
License: Apache License 2.0

Surround SCM

These are tasks that allow users to access Surround SCM functionality from within Ant build scripts.

Compatibility: Ant 1.5 and later
URL: Surround SCM Resource Center
Contact: Seapine Support
License: GNU Lesser General Public License


SvnAnt is an ant task that provides an interface to Subversion revision control system that is a compelling replacement for CVS in the open source community.

URL: Subclipse .: :. SvnAnt .: :. SvnClientAdapter
Contact: subclipse: Issues and Help
License: Eclipse Public License (EPL) 1.0


JWare/AntXtras Svn4Ant (Svn4Ant) is a complete set of native Ant tasks for managing Subversion working copies, exported directories, and repositories from a build, test, or deployment environment. Immodestly, Svn4Ant's goal is to be the best provider of Subversion Ant components.

URL: Svn4Ant
Contact: Support - JWare Free Software
License: LGPL 2.1



AntStatistics logs execution times for all build targets and displays them at the end of the build. Furthermore execution times of past builds are collected and graphed in a chart.

Compatibility: Ant 1.3
URL: http://code.google.com/p/antstatistics/
Contact: issue tracker
License: Apache License 2.0


Apache Ant Output Colorizor

An easy way to add color to Apache Ant build output. Unlike many other Ant color utilities, this one does not automatically color your output based on rules, but allows explicit control of colors and formatting from within the Ant build file itself. Requires Ant version 1.8 or above and color support from your terminal.

Note that this library is not doing any real magic and is just a convenient wrapper around ANSI color codes.

Compatibility: Ant 1.8 or above
URL: http://www.joesdiner.org/programs/ant-colorizor/
Contact: webmaster@joesdiner.org
License: MIT