Packs a resource using the GZip or BZip2 algorithm. The output file is only generated if it doesn't exist or the source resource is newer.


Attribute Description Required
src the file to gzip/bzip. Yes, or a nested resource collection.
destfile the destination file to create. Exactly one of the two.
zipfile the deprecated old name of destfile.

any resource or single element resource collection

The specified resource will be used as src. Since Apache Ant 1.7


<gzip src="test.tar" destfile="test.tar.gz"/>
<bzip2 src="test.tar" destfile="test.tar.bz2"/>
<gzip destfile="archive.tar.gz">
  <url url="http://example.org/archive.tar"/>

downloads http://example.org/archive.tar and compresses it to archive.tar.gz in the project's basedir on the fly.