Makeurl Task Apache Ant
This task takes one or more filenames and turns them into URLs, which it then assigns to a property. Useful when setting up RMI or JNLP codebases, for example. Nested filesets are supported; if present, these are turned into the URLs with the supplied separator between them (default: space).


<makeurl file="${user.home}/.m2/repository" property="m2.repository.url"/>
Sets the property m2.repository.url to the file: URL of the local Maven2 repository.
<makeurl property="codebase"><fileset dir="lib includes="*.jar"/></makeurl>
Set the property codebase to the three URLs of the files provided as nested elements.
Attribute Description Type Requirement
file name of a file to be converted into a URL File optional, if a nested fileset or path is supplied
property name of a property to set to the URL String required
separator separator for the multi-URL option String optional
validate validate that every named file exists boolean optional; default: true
Parameters as nested elements
fileset (
A fileset of JAR files to include in the URL list, each separated by the separator.
path (
Add a path to the URL. All elements in the path will be converted to individual URL entries.