Display or set a property containing length information for a string, a file, or one or more nested Resource Collections. Can also be used as a condition. Since Apache Ant 1.6.3


Attribute Description Required
property The property to set. If omitted the results are written to the log. Ignored when processing as a condition. No
file Single file whose length to report. One of these, or one or more nested filesets
resource Single resource whose length to report (using extended properties handling). Since Ant 1.8.1
string The string whose length to report.
mode File length mode; when "all" the resulting value is the sum of all included resources' lengths; when "each" the task outputs the absolute path and length of each included resource, one per line. Ignored when processing as a condition. No; default is "all"
trim Whether to trim when operating on a string. Default false. No; only valid when string is set
length Comparison length for processing as a condition. Yes, in condition mode
when Comparison type: "equal", "eq", "greater", "gt", "less", "lt", "ge" (greater or equal), "ne" (not equal), "le" (less or equal) for use when operating as a condition. No; default is "equal"

Parameters specified as nested elements

Resource Collections

You can include resources via nested Resource Collections.


<length string="foo" property="length.foo" />

Stores the length of the string "foo" in the property named length.foo.

<length file="bar" property="length.bar" />

Stores the length of file "bar" in the property named length.bar.

<length property="length" mode="each">
    <fileset dir="." includes="foo,bar"/>

Writes the file paths of foo and bar and their length into the property length.

<length property="length" mode="all">
    <fileset dir="." includes="foo,bar"/>

Adds the length of foo and bar and stores the result in property length.