since Apache Ant 1.6


Alters the default excludes for all subsequent processing in the build, and prints out the current default excludes if desired.


Attribute Description Required
echo whether or not to print out the default excludes.(defaults to false) attribute "true" required if no other attribute specified
default go back to hard wired default excludes attribute "true" required if no if no other attribute is specified
add the pattern to add to the default excludes if no other attribute is specified
remove remove the specified pattern from the default excludes if no other attribute is specified


Print out the default excludes

  <defaultexcludes echo="true"/>

Print out the default excludes and exclude all *.bak files in all further processing

  <defaultexcludes echo="true" add="**/*.bak"/>

Silently allow several fileset based tasks to operate on emacs backup files and then restore normal behavior

  <defaultexcludes remove="**/*~"/>

  (do several fileset based tasks here)

  <defaultexcludes default="true"/>


By default the pattern **/.svn and **/.svn/** are set as default excludes. With version 1.3 Subversion supports the "_svn hack". That means, that the svn-libraries evaluate environment variables and use .svn or _svn directory regarding to that value. We had chosen not to evaluate environment variables to get a more reliable build. Instead you have to change the settings by yourself by changing the exclude patterns:
  <defaultexcludes remove="**/.svn"/>
  <defaultexcludes remove="**/.svn/**"/>
  <defaultexcludes add="**/_svn"/>
  <defaultexcludes add="**/_svn/**"/>