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Bug tracking system

To file a bug report or search for known bugs, use Jira.

Browse the JaxMe sources

Thanks to Subversion, the contents of the JaxMe SVN project can be browsed online.

JaxMe Jelly Tag Library

Jelly is a tool for turning XML into executable code. One common use is to drive complex build scripts typically embedding ant but Jelly's flexibility is it's strength. There are many uses to which Jelly can be put.

Jelly is extensible. The principle way that Jelly can be extended is through jelly tag libraries. If you know JSP custom tags, then this idea should be pretty familiar.

(Basic) Jelly tag libraries for JaxMe can be found here and a list of tags here.

The JaxMe Wiki

The JaxMe Wiki allows you to add notes, opinions, suggestions, or whatever else may make sense for others to know. And, of course, you may also view other peoples notes, opinions, etc. there. :-)

The JaxMe FAQ

A JaxMe FAQ is available as part of the JaxMe Wiki. Note, that you are able to add questions or modify answers in the Wiki.

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