The JaxMe 2 manual

Jochen Wiedmann

Table of Contents

1. First steps
Generating Java Code
Creating a JaxMe Schema
Running The Generator
Working with XML
Writing XML Documents
Reading XML
2. Reference
The JaxMe Ant Task
The Up-to-date check
Marshalling objects
Marshaller methods
Marshaller properties
A. License

List of Tables

2.1. Attributes of the JaxMe ant task
2.2. Nested elements of the JaxMe ant task

List of Examples

2.1. Marshalling into an OutputStream
2.2. Marshalling into a Writer
2.3. Marshalling into a String
2.5. Transformation of a JaxMe object using an XSL stylesheet
2.6. JaxMe's implementation of the Result destination
2.7. Creating unformatted XML
2.8. Using a custom datatype converter
2.9. Turning on Windows line terminators
2.10. Enabling an XML declaration
2.11. Implementation of an XMLWriter escaping german Umlauts