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If you are interested in JaxMe 2, you may also want to take a look at the following related open source projects:

JaxMe 1

JaxMe 1 is the predecessor of JaxMe 2. It has a limited support of XML structures (mainly sequences and choices), but includes an integrated persistency framework that allows to read the objects from or write them into the database. The persistence framework includes support for JDBC mapping, XML:DB, the Tamino XML database, and EJB. The framework has the additional advantage of being quite mature and stable.


JaxMeXS, the JaxMe parser for XML schema, is internally used by JaxMe 2. It is written to be extensible, but not necessarily strict.


JaxMeJS, the JaxMe Java source framework is a generic framework for writing Java source generators. It used to be a part of JaxMe 1, but grew up to be useful in itself and finally was moved to a separate distribution. JaxMe 2 is still based on the latest version, which also includes an SQL generator.


eXist is a native XML database engine written in Java. It can be used standalone (via a dedicated TCP port), as part of a servlet engine (accessible via HTTP), or embedded into a Java application. This last approach is particularly useful for JUnit testing. JaxMe 1 uses eXist for testing its xml:db API.


hsqldb is an SQL database and also written in Java. Like eXist, it can be used in embedded mode and it is also used by JaxMe 1, JaxMe 2, and JaxMeJS for JUnit tests.