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2006-Oct-24: JaxMe 0.5.2 released
Bug fix release, mainly dedicated to composition of multiple schemas
2006-Jan-06: JaxMe 0.5.1 released
Patch release, adding preliminary support for external binding files.
2005-Aug-09: JaxMe 0.5 released
Compared to 0.5beta, several bugs have been fixed.
2005-Jul-13: JaxMe 0.5beta released
This release introduces support for mixed content and proper inheritance of the code generated for xs:extension.
2005-May-19: JaxMe 0.4 released
Compared to the beta version, no new features have been introduced. A few bugs have been fixed, mainly concerning the nested group support.
2005-Apr-12: JaxMe 0.4beta released
This release introduces support for nested groups with multiplicity <= 1. In particular, xs:extension is supported now.
2004-Sep-03: JaxMe 0.3.1 released
This is a bug fix release, driven mostly by user input and feedback. In particular, recursive schemas are now supported.
2004-Jul-25: JaxMe 0.3 released
The JaxMe team are proud to present the first release since leaving the incubator.
2004-Mar-09: JaxMe has graduated to become a subproject of Apache WS
The Apache Incubator PMC has voted for JaxMe to become a true subproject of the Apache Webservices.
2003-Nov-18: incubated-jaxme 0.2 has been released.
Compared to the previous release from sf.net, there haven't been too many updates. This release is mainly to allow using the updated package names. Besides, JaxMePM has been introduced.
2003-Sep-25: The JaxMe site is online
The new JaxMe site is online at http://ws.apache.org/jaxme/.