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Support for Apache TomEE is given freely by the community. Please be aware when asking questions that the Apache Software Foundation does not have paid developers or dedicated support staff. All community support comes from volunteers on a volunteer basis. Joining the Community as a volunteer and helping your fellow users is highly encouraged!

Mailing Lists

User Mailing List (Subscribe now | Unsubscribe | Archive): for all your questions or to share the issues you can meet

Dev Mailing List (Subscribe now | Unsubscribe | Archive): to speak about the project and developments

Commits Mailing List (Subscribe now | Unsubscribe | Archives): receive commits by mail


openejb @ freenode is the channel most of us use.


If you encounter a bug or want to submit a patch just go on our JIRA.

Commercial Support

If you need advanced support with SLA please have a look to our Commercial page.