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TomEE 7.0.3 Released


Aapche TomEE 7.0.3 just got released. It is available as usual on central or our download page.

Most significant changes are linked to the dependency upgrades but several bugfixes can be interesting as well.

The release note is the following one:


  • TOMEE-1874 - Do not inject CDI if the application is being undeployed

  • TOMEE-1897 - CdiResourceProvider masks critical error in InjectionException

  • TOMEE-1965 - EntityManager(Factory) (and EntityManagerFactoryCallable) not serializable

  • TOMEE-1967 - ObserverManager uses printStackTrace instead of logger.error

  • TOMEE-1969 - Embedded maven plugin fails with java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/commons/beanutils/BeanUtils

  • TOMEE-1970 - Configuration error can cause infinite loop

  • TOMEE-1972 - dont initialize SystemInstance reading

  • TOMEE-1975 - authorization should be removed from the url for openejb-client

  • TOMEE-1982 - @RunAs should only apply to nested calls, not the declaring bean ones

  • TOMEE-1983 - NullPointerException is thrown from a consumer created by JMSContext when queue is empty

  • TOMEE-1992 - JMSContext is not serializable, causing problems for Session and Transaction Scoped CDI beans

  • TOMEE-1993 - When using symbolic links the @WebServlet is not processed

  • TOMEE-1998 - moviefun-rest example not working with Tomee 7

  • TOMEE-2007 - CUTask (ManagedExecutorService) can lead to NPE used from an EJB

  • TOMEE-2009 - should also add @Converter classes

  • TOMEE-2012 - JPA 2.1 providers not always recognized

  • TOMEE-2016 - 7.0.2 (plus) Batch fails before batch starting

  • TOMEE-2018 - connectionFactoryLookup and destinationLookup not supported for mdbs

Dependency upgrade


  • TOMEE-1976 - http ejbd client doesnt throw AuthorizationException for 401 errors

  • TOMEE-1981 - Allow to disable TomEEJohnzonProvider

  • TOMEE-2008 - when a lot of @PersistenceContext are in the app, org.apache.openejb.assembler.classic.EntityManagerFactoryCallable#getProvider makes startup slower

New Feature

  • TOMEE-1980 - basic.username and basic.password support for http ejbd client

  • TOMEE-1991 - add to org.apache.tomee.jul.handler.rotating.LocalFileHandler.PatternFormatter class and method as 7th and 8th parameters

  • TOMEE-2005 - support to override arquillian protocol default value of adapters


  • TOMEE-2002 - use ClassUnwrapper from cxf to slowly replace ClassHelper

New Website for Apache TomEE


Apache TomEE got a new website more modern and more user oriented.