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Apache Tomcat support is provided by the community, for the community, on a purely volunteer basis. This page has been written to help you find the help you need whilst making the most efficient use of the resources available. The types of help are presented in the same order they are typically used.

The first resource to check is the documentation. In addition to the Tomcat documentation (make sure you check the documentation for the version you are using) you should also check the relevant Servlet and/or JSP Specification documents. Much of Tomcat's behaviour is determined by these specifcations and the information in them is not typically duplciated in the Tomcat documentation.

The logs which Apache Tomcat generates can be a valuable resource when trying to diagnose a problem. Please review them. You may want to enable debug output in your Apache Tomcat configuration so that you have more information to help diagnose the problem.

It is unusual to find a problem that has never been reported. The chances are that your question has been asked and answered by somebody else. Use your favourite search engine to try and find it.

Answers to very common questions are documented on the FAQ.

The archives for the user mailing list are a rich source of useful information. Use the search features provided by one of them. A selection of archives is provided on the mailing list page.

If you have already subscribed to the relevant mailing list, you can ask about the problem on there. If you are not subscribed, you will need to subscribe before you can send your question to either of these lists. The mailing list pages provide further information on how to use the mailing lists as well as subscription instructions.

If you think you have found a bug, please following the bug reporting steps. Particularly if you are using an older version of Apache Tomcat, there is a good chance that the problem has been fixed so it is always worth searching the bug database to see if ths is the case.

There is also an IRC channel dedicated to Tomcat.

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