The code you are about to download is an automatically generated nightly release of Subversion (r[revnum]).

This distribution is automatically generated from the latest sources from Subversion trunk. It may not even compile, and is certainly not suitable for any sort of production use. This distribution has not been tested, and may cause any number of problems, up to and including death and bodily injury. Only use this distribution on data you aren't afraid to lose. You have been warned.

We provide these for testing by those members of the community who are interested in testing it. As such, if you are interested in helping us test this code, you're very welcome to download and test these packages. If you are looking for a copy of Subversion for production use, this is not it; you should instead grab the latest stable release from the Download area.

Note to operating system distro package maintainers

As stated above, this is not an official, end-user release of Subversion. It is a distribution intended for testing only. Please do not package this distribution in any way. It should not be made available to users who rely on their operating system distro's packages.

If you want to help us test this distribution of Subversion, you can find the files below.