Apache Subversion Issues

Please do not file new issues before validating your complaint via a well-formed bug report sent to:


Unvalidated issues will be unceremoniously closed. Trust us — we have good reasons for this.

Chances are good that if you're on this page, you've come either to complain about Subversion, or you've come to check on a previous complaint about Subversion. Hey, we understand that. And for what it's worth, Subversion is the amazing software that it is largely because of the constructive criticism we've received about it over the years. Having said that, we strongly recommend that if you've not done so already, you read the "Bugs / Issues" section of the Subversion Community Guide. Not only will you learn how to increase the quality of your own complaints and requests, but in doing so, you'll increase the likelihood that we'll recognize them as constructive.

Handy Dandy Issue Tracker Queries

Do you know the Subversion issue number you're interested in? Use this form to view that issue directly.

Perhaps you'd rather do a natural language search through issue descriptions?

Here are some issue tracker query links that we believe are of general utility to folks. If you don't see one here that you like, that's okay, you can formulate your own structured query at https://issues.apache.org/jira/issues/?jql=project = SVN.