Project Milestones for Svn Obliterate

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    Project Milestones

Project Milestones

November 2009 Milestone 1 Milestone 2 Milestone 3 Not planned
Summary Requirements capture mostly complete. Design to a functional level. Skeleton of implementation. Some documentation. Basic obliteration of last version of a node. Obliteration of any node-rev. Some user docs. Support for large-scale deployment. Enhancements that other people might like to make.

single node (PATH@REV)

rev range (PATH@X:Y)

multiple targets


find all copies of the specified nodes

design doc

pre-oblit hook designed

pre-oblit hook template generated on repository creation

call the pre-oblit hook

CORE (history change)
design doc

design of txn replacement written up (needs more depth)

skeleton of txn-replacement functions created (doesn't work)

in FSFS: oblit the last revision of a node's history

(to do: understand & doc the DAG node-copy-ids)

(to design: refine oblit txn replacement)

(to design: FSFS rev-file replacement: offset mapping)

oblit any rev of a node's history

(to design: adjusting of back-refs)

(to design: forward-refs for efficient searching - see fs-successor-ids branch for BDB)

forward-refs for efficient searching

efficient revision-range support (foo@1:500000)

BDB implementation

design doc

space recovery

design doc

post-oblit hook designed

post-oblit hook template generated on repository creation

call post-oblit hook

server log file

design doc

discover & doc the WC behaviour & how to survive it

design WC behaviour improvements

obliteration discovery protocol

support for svnsync to discover obliterations and re-synchronize


skeleton of one automated test (doesn't work)

some automated tests

automated tests for most parts

complete automated tests

stress test (manually checked)


some project docs

some developer docs

user-oriented presentations

more depth to present docs

some user docs

user documentation