QA Test Methodology Architecture Document

Author: Steven F. Harris

Date: August 19, 1999


Parameters for Control of Starting and Stopping Auxiliary Services

Parameter NameDescriptionDefault
serviceInterfaceClass.implClass The Class that implements the serviceInterfaceClass null
serviceInterfaceClass.codebasecodebase URL InetAddress.getLocalHost().getHostName() + ":8080"
serviceInterfaceClass.classpath where service loads classes from qaTest.util.getStringArgValue("org.apache.river.tck.installDir", null) + "/lib"
serviceInterfaceClass.policyFilePath Security policy file location qaTest.util.getStringArgValue("org.apache.river.tck.installDir", null) + "/config/tck.policy"
serviceInterfaceClass.persistence Where service will store files to support persistency randomly generated Group of the Lookup services to join (should be unique). InetAddress.getLocalHost().getHostName()+currentTimeMillis()
serviceInterfaceClass.cmdLineArgs Any additional command line arguments not covered by the above new String()
servicesAlreadyStarted If the value has been set to true when requesting a service, the utility code assumes that all services have been pre-started and will perform discovery but skip service startup code. false
belayServiceShutdown If set to true, Exec'd services will not be shutdown automatically false

Parameters for Control of Reporting Functions

Parameter NameDescriptionDefault
fullReportingEnable output of standard test report headers and footers. false
logFile to which output is redirected for the PrintWriter QATest.log System.out
outFile to which output is redirected for the PrintWriter QATest.out System.out
errFile to which output is redirected for the PrintWriter QATest.err System.err