Downloading Apache Pluto

Releases download:

You can browse our distribution archive or download the latest Pluto distribution by clicking on one of the links provided below.

The latest binary distribution including Tomcat (1.0.1-rc2):
The latest container library binary distribution (1.0.1-rc2):
The latest portal driver and testsuite binary distribution (1.0.1-rc2):
The latest source distribution (1.0.1-rc2):

Browse the distribution archives:

Using Apache mirrors:

To conserve the bandwidth of the Apache Software Foundation, and improve your download times, all Apache Pluto source and binary distributions have been spread across the Apache mirrored distribution sites.

You are currently using [preferred] as your preferred mirror. If you encounter any problem using it, you can select another mirror location from this list and click on Change:

If all mirrors are failing, or you have problems downloading from them, please use one of the ASF primary backup nodes from the list above, or jump directly to our primary distribution site.

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