Pluto Change Log Updated Maven's Default JDK Version Made Session Attributes Serializable for Pluto TestSuite Update PortletSession to return appropriate Context Update Documentation Update Admin Portlet Update Deployment Descriptor Access Added XML Configuration for action-param and render-param Added Additional TestSuite Tests Fixed Render Parameters Include Bug Updated the Pluto Deployer to be more flexible Upgraded to Tomcat 5.5.4 for Pluto/Tomcat Bundle Update FAQ and installation instructions. Update version number to 1.0.1-rc2 in \project.xml, \deploy\project.xml, \portal\project.xml, \testsuite\project.xml, \container\src\conf\org\apache\pluto\ and \portal\src\webapp\WEB-INF\config\services\ Altered PortalActionProvider to suit Jetspeed better. See Modified RenderResponseImpl.isValidContentType to correctly handle wildcard mime types. See Fixed to allow Pluto to work when disconnected from Internet. See Fixed spelling error on login_success.jsp Fixed TestSuite web.xml to be valid. Fix for renderResponse.getNamespace() returns invalid Javascript name. See Patch from Craig Doremus to allow portlet deployment using Ant. See Updated to use Tomcat 5 by default Added FAQ documentation. Added the Resource Bundle Test to the testsuite. Added the Security Mapping Test to the testsuite. Updated the Security Mapping test in the testsuite to allow simple configuration to determine which roles should be used for the test. PortalURLs were incorrectly converting null values to the String "null". This was happending when action requests with a query string such as: ?param=&param2=. Issue PLUTO-66. The testsuite TestPortlet was not testing for empty string parameters. Thanks Ken Weiner for the patch. Include Pluto Documentation in Binary release Add portlet deployment documentation to installation document. Thank you Ken Ramirez. Add README file to all releases. Thank you Craig Doremus for pointing out that it wasn't included. Removed swallowed error condition in the PortletInvoker. Upon failing to find a RequestDispatcher to which a portlet request could be invoked, the container was previously returning normally. A PortletException is now thrown. Thank you Brad Johnson. Upgraded the default testsuite beanutils and digester dependencies to remove the dependency upon commons-collections. Updating Pluto JavaDocs. (PLUTO-46) Support role mapping in portlet.xml (PLUTO-46) Support multiple resource-ref entried in portlet app web.xml (PLUTO-48) Removed fullDeployment dependency from pluto deployer. (PLUTO-49) Implement Mime Type Matching. (PLUTO-55) Add handling of mime-mappings in web application definition. Updating site generation for Apache Portals Updating to the new ASF License 2.0.