Embperl Examples - DBIx::Recordset

You must set the database and table to something which exists on your system. Also this example presumes that the table contains the fields id and name. If not you have to change the field-names in the table below
Maybe it's necessary to insert a PerlModule DBIx::Recordset into your srm.conf to get this working

You may specify search parameters: For example request this document with
to get all records where the id = 5
[- $DSN = 'dbi:mysql:test' ; $table = 'dbixrs1' ; use DBIx::Recordset ; *set = DBIx::Recordset -> Search ({%fdat, ('!DataSource' => $DSN, '!Table' => $table, '$max' => 5,)}) ; -]
[+ $set[$row]{id} +] [+ $set[$row]{name} +]
[+ $set -> PrevNextForm ('Previous Records', 'Next Records', \%fdat) +]

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