Apache OODT is Cataloging, Archiving, Metadata, and Grid Services for Science

Just what is Apache™ OODT?

It's metadata for middleware (and vice versa):

  • Transparent access to distributed resources
  • Data discovery and query optimization
  • Distributed processing and virtual archives

But it's not just for science! It's also a software architecture:

  • Models for information representation
  • Solutions to knowledge capture problems
  • Unification of technology, data, and metadata

Open Source

Apache™ OODT is a Top Level Project at The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) after completing incubation in late 2010. This software originally came from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and is the first NASA project to live at Apache™. OODT has been released under the Apache License v2.0.

Component Parts

Apache™ OODT is component based software, the parts of which you can mix 'n match:


Agile OODT, 100% pure Python.

Catalog & ArchiveCatalog & Archive

Never lose data again.


Ask any question, send it flying to its answers


Profile resources & products


Common Java-based utilities and tools

Latest Updates

14-SEP-2014 - Apache OODT v0.7 Released.
This release is a core stability release with numerous bug fixes, and a solid baseline for upgrading. It fixes 79 JIRA issues and provides a backwards compatible CAS-PGE upgrade allowing the wrapper to be used with existing config files. 0.7 fixes some bugs in Ganglia support and allows the Resource Manager to work without Ganglia being present. This version also makes significant fixes to File Manager tests, provides a Vagrant version of OODT RADIX and upgrades RADIX to include CAS-PGE support. This version also includes improved support for a new JAX-RS CAS product service, and this version eliminates several bugs in the workflow manager in its support for dynamic workflow instances. Grab the version from the downloads section here.
17-JUL-2013 - Apache OODT v0.6 Released.
The release includes full support for the PEAR packaging system for PHP, first preview releases for GSoC 2013 OODT projects, and Maven3 support. This release includes over 69 fixes and is the recommended version of OODT to upgrade to. Grab it from the downloads section here.
27-FEB-2013 - Apache in Science track at ApacheCon NA 2013.
With plenty of representation and submissions from the Apache OODT and from the Apache Airavata communities, the projects have teamed up together to co-host the Apache in Science track at ApacheCon NA 2013. Chris Mattmann (lead), Suresh Marru and Marlon Pierce will co-chair the track, a sequel of sorts to the Apache in Space! (OODT) track from ApacheCon NA 2011. The ApacheCon NA 2013 schedule is posted here.
25-DEC-2012 - Apache OODT v0.5 Released.
An incremental improvement offering critical bug fixes and new features for ingestion and file management, and workflow management, this release includes over 60 fixes and is the recommended version of OODT to upgrade to. Grab it from the downloads section here.
20-JUN-2012 - Apache OODT v0.4 Released
Over a year's time, 168 issues were fixed and addressed and this is the recommended version of OODT to be running. Grab it from the downloads section here.
9-NOV-2011 - Apache in Space! (OODT) track at ApacheCon NA 2011
The Apache OODT community is proud to host the Apache in Space! (OODT) track at ApacheCon NA 2013. The tracks cover an introduction to the OODT ecosystem, applications of OODT to biomedical research, fast feather tracks on emerging technologies including OODT RADIX and applications to pediatric intensive care research. The talks are linked here.
29-JUN-2011 - Apache OODT v0.3 Released
This version includes several bug fixes and improvements. Check out our latest version here.
04-FEB-2011 - Apache OODT v0.2 Released
The first release from OODT as a Top Level Project at Apache™
OODT voted a Top Level Project (TLP)
We've graduated from the incubator! Congratulations to all of the OODT contributors for making this possible.
First Official Apache™ release!
We've made our first official Apache™ release, version 0.1-incubating. Grab it here.
Mailing lists, tracker, etc.
Apache™ OODT's project mailing lists, issue tracker, and member accounts are now online and ready for use.
Under the Heat Lamp
OODT leaves the safe confines of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and enters into the Apache Incubator, to become an open source project for the benefit of mankind.