About Apache OODT

Object Oriented Data Technology: Say What?

Award-winning software birthed at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, in operations cataloging pictures of Mars and helping to detect cancer, is now free and open source software for your project—be it science or otherwise.

What is Object Oriented Data Technology?

Object Oriented Data Technology, or OODT, develops and promotes science data management and archiving systems that span scientific disciplines and enable interoperability among data agnostic systems in the fields of astrophysics, planetary, space science data systems, open source web analytics, etc. Using OODT's framework of distributed objects and databases, the data collected by scientists and engineers in these disparate disciplines can be jointly searched, stored, retrieved, and analyzed, from anywhere in the world. Our goal is to pioneer this framework, architect it with continual input from the communities that will use it, and implement it efficiently.

Apache OODT Block Diagram