Documentation Conventions

The DRL (dynamic run-time layer) documentation set uses the following conventions.

Convention Explanation  Example
monospace Filenames ippsapi.h
Directory names and pathnames \alt\include
Commands and command-line options ecl -O2
Function names, methods, classes, data structures in running text Use the okCreateObjs function to ...
Parameters or other placeholders   ippiMalloc(int widthPixels, ...)
int* pStepBytes
monospace bold  User input [c:] dir
italics Emphasis; introducing or defining terms The term access takes as its subject ...
[ ] Optional items -Fa[c] Indicates these command-line options: -Fa and -Fac
{ | } Choice of one item from a selection of two or more items -aX{K | W | P} Indicates these command-line options: