Apache Felix Framework Configuration Properties


This document describes the various configuration properties related to the Apache Felix Framework. Technically, there are framework properties and launcher properties. If you are using the Felix Framework JAR file (i.e., org.apache.felix.framework-x.y.x.jar), then you can only use framework properties. On the other hand, if you are using the Felix Main launcher JAR (i.e., felix.jar or org.apache.felix.main-x.y.z.jar), then you can use both framework and launcher properties. This document will describe both sets of properties.

Note that the framework does not use system properties to find its configuration properties, it only consults the map passed into its constructor. In contrast to bundles, which use BundleContext.getProperty(), which exposes both configuration and system properties at execution time. In the case of overlap, the configuration properties override system properties. As a convenience, if you are using the Felix launcher, it will copy all configuration properties it finds in the system properties to the configuration map passed into the framework constructor, which allows you to set configuration properties on the command line. This feature is not available if you are just using the Felix framework JAR file.

Framework configuration properties

The following configuration properties are for the framework (properties starting with "felix" are specific to Felix, while those starting with "org.osgi" are standard OSGi properties):

Launcher configuration properties

The following configuration properties are for the launcher:

Migrating from Earlier Versions

Apache Felix Framework 2.0.0 introduced significant configuration property changes. This section describes the differences from older versions of the framework.

For the most part, these changes are minor and previous behavior achieved from older configuration properties is either easily attained with the new properties or no longer necessary.


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