FindBugs Bug Detector Reports

Want to help find and fix bugs in Continuum?

A FindBugs report is available for each module in the Continuum build. Visit the links below to view the reports. For infomation on interpreting the results, visit the FindBugs project website.

You can also install FindBugs and launch the GUI with findbugs -project [filename].fbp. FindBugs project files are currently available in the -core and -release modules as well as at the top level for a consolidated view. You must run 'mvn pacakge' prior to launching the FindBugs GUI, so that the jar will be present in the target directory.

cd /path/to/continuum-all/continuum/continuum-core
mvn package
findbugs -project continuum-core.fbp

(A future version of the FindBugs Maven plugin should have the ability to launch the GUI from any module with mvn findbugs:gui.)

FindBugs Reports