Cayenne-AXIS Example Server Web Application

See Cayenne-AXIS readme.html file for more info...

Quick start

See ant/readme.html for instructions to quickly build and run demo web app.

How to use...

This project can be used as base (pattern) for creating Cayenne-AXIS servers.

Common algorithm for creating Cayenne-AXIS server web application based on this project: Clients can be created by using auto-generated client-side libraries (see ant/readme.txt).

Directory structure

ant Ant build scripts. See ant/readme.txt
build Web app build directory. Contains fully the same as war archive.
build/clients/javaAuto generated libraries needed for creating clients.
build/WEB-INF/server-config.wsddAXIS service deployment configuration. Service definition must be the same as in deploy.wsdd at cayenne-axis distributive.
cayenne-configCayenne configuration files. Used on serverside only. Different config file will be generated for client use.
i18nInternationalisation property files.
libProject libraries.
warWeb Application Archive will be placed there after generation.